Builders on Facebook: ‘Likes’ vs. user engagement

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An advertising agency has created a graphic that lists the 10 most-liked boatbuilder pages on Facebook and compares the number of “likes” with the number of engaged users each of the companies has.

It’s based on an audit of NMMA-certified boatbuilders’ Facebook data as of Feb. 4 and illustrates the significance of engagement in measuring the effectiveness of social media.

Correct Craft has more “likes” than MasterCraft, but MasterCraft has more engaged users — the most of any company on the list. Of the 10 builders, only MasterCraft and Meridian have more engaged users than “likes.”

The graphic was created by, a Madison, Conn.-based advertising agency.

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2 comments on “Builders on Facebook: ‘Likes’ vs. user engagement

  1. Doug Reimel

    So the real question is, how does this data correlate to cash registar rings? How does this effect the bottom line, profitable or non-profitable? How much time (hours of Labor)is spent on engaging the facebook user and is the net effect profitable? Or is all of this just impressions?

  2. Ken Stofflet

    Valid questions but for the labor portion, engagement whether it rings the register or not, takes up someones time and that of course is labor. However to qualify and understand the graph let’s define “engagement”. Is it just clicking further into the website or is it requiring sales / marketing department followup?

    Either way you get closer to the prospect and what they are looking for by tracking clicks and where they went on your site. This in theory allows you to better hone and develop your site in hopes of creating a paying customer. Valuable info!

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