Inchcape Shipping Services adds round-the-clock service

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In response to the increasingly complex and specific needs of superyacht owners, Inchcape Shipping Services launched round-the-clock service operating from Fort Lauderdale and a new app designed to make shipping scheduling easier.

The new ISS Yachting Services specializes in the handling of all yachts, but in particular larger classes of vessels. Because of their size, they are unable to call at local marinas and require personalized assistance in getting alongside and cleared.

ISS GMT (Global Marine Travel), a division of ISS, also launched a new mobile app for its yacht clients that is now available via iTunes and the Play Store. Designed to help yacht clients manage travel schedules for themselves, crews and charter guests, to and from vessels, the app features a flight quotes system, live chat with an agent, access to existing reservation details and a range of relevant live news feeds.

“With yachts getting ever larger in size, the need for a commercial port agent is becoming essential in order to ensure local rules and regulations are followed and that costs are being kept under control,” ISS North America senior vice president Ian Whelan said in a statement. “ISS is well placed to handle these calls, not just in the private marinas, but also within commercial ports, ensuring entrance, clearance and immigration formalities are properly followed.”

Also included through the app are traditional port agency services and concierge services such as provision of limousines, domestic staff and excursions.

“The new ISS GMT app is a further example of how we can make our yacht clients’ lives easier,” ISS GMT Tim Davey said in a statement. “Given an increasing reliance on tablets and mobile devices, this new way of accessing our services provides added convenience.”

ISS Yachting Services has a dedicated contact phone number (954-302-6827) and email ( that are monitored around the clock.

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