NMMA reports results of January shows

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Six National Marine Manufacturers Association shows that wrapped up during the Jan. 26 weekend drew slightly more than 110,000 visitors.

The six shows — the inaugural San Francisco Boat Show, the Louisville Boat, RV and Sportshow, the Nashville Boat and Sportshow, the Baltimore Boat Show, Strictly Sail Chicago and the Kansas City Boat and Sportshow — were sponsored by Progressive Insurance.

The San Francisco show did well in its first year, finishing the weekend with a total attendance of 7,806, the NMMA said.

Louisville had snow on Saturday, and total attendance came in at 33,639, down 5 percent from last year’s 35,545.

Nashville moved into the Music City Center this year, which allowed for more space and a much larger show. Total attendance was 19,858, up 43 percent from 13,866 in 2013.

Baltimore had a total attendance of 11,773, down 14 percent from 13, 505 in 2013 because of bad weather in the area.

Strictly Sail Chicago had to compete with challenging weather and below-zero temperatures, which “really impacted attendance this year,” according to the NMMA. Total attendance was 11,784, down 18 percent from 14,366 in 2013.

Kansas City, which ran concurrent with a competing boat show, had a slight attendance drop, to 21,622, from 21,781 the previous year.

“The inaugural San Francisco Boat Show exceeded our expectation in both sales and in quality prospects,” Reinhard Boost of NorCal Mastercraft said in a statement.

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