New York fishing and outdoors expo returns

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The 37th annual World Fishing and Outdoor Exposition will be held Feb. 27-March 2 at Rockland Community College in Suffern, N.Y.

The indoor Suffern show showcases products for hunting, saltwater and freshwater angling and family entertainment.

The Two by Two Zoo and its Wild World of Animals program is a traveling educational outreach effort with a conservation message. The program will feature coatimundis, alligators, a kangaroo, a giant rabbit and a tortoise. Guests will see these animals up close, learn about their habitats and behaviors and even be able to pet some of them.

The Hawg Trough, a 5,000-gallon fish tank, will be loaded with largemouth bass. Pros will demonstrate the latest lures and techniques as they fish the trough. A large-screen TV shows the fish a participant has just hooked as it dives to get away.

Sunday is Family Day, and children under the age of 11 are free when accompanied by a paying adult. There will be a scavenger hunt, and the first 100 kids under age 12 and accompanied by a paying adult will receive a free Plano tackle box.

Families also can try their luck at the Mohawk Valley Mining Co.’s panning sluice. Most “miners” find fossils, arrowheads, rocks, gems and semi-precious stones, and a few lucky ones discover emeralds, rubies, sapphires and “fool’s gold.”

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