Correct Craft CEO attends White House meeting

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Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin represented the marine industry at a meeting of 30 business leaders this week at the White House.

The leaders met with White House staff and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker. Yeargin is a member of the Manufacturing Council, which advises Pritzker on the manufacturing industry.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss what the Obama administration is and should be doing to support U.S. businesses and specifically, U.S. manufacturing. The meeting lasted more than four hours and included presentations from several members of the administration.

Topics included updates and a discussion of general economic conditions, as well as the current status of U.S. manufacturing. The group also discussed ways to promote innovation, private-public partnerships, workforce development and other matters that are or should be administration priorities.

“It was great to be invited back to the White House, this time to discuss ways industry and the Obama administration can work together to support U.S. business,” Yeargin said in a statement. “We were able to candidly discuss important issues in a very constructive manner; I appreciate being invited to participate.”


2 comments on “Correct Craft CEO attends White House meeting

  1. Jack Irwin

    I hope someone talked about CUSTOMERS. Long before JOBS come CUSTOMERS. You need CUSTOMERS….then CUSTOMER DEMAND… and then you can grow something, build something or manufacture something to sell to the CUSTOMERS. Customers need to be in the comfort zone before they buy. Washington does not understand basic economics. My Dad told me years ago that a Democrat would build, grow or manufacture something and then go out and try to sell it. A Republican would go out and sell something and then build, grow or manufacture what he needed. A “BUDGET”… (Profit Plan) is the first step in CUSTOMER RELATIONS. **Imagine trying to run a business without with out a BUDGET**

  2. David Glover

    The freedom to innovate, create, and build what the rest of the world wanted is what made this nation great! Our debt issues both public and private are probably more the result of our moral decline. Being frugal and practical will be the way of the future along with supporting and strengthening our middle class will lead to the recovery of boat building as well as growing economies throughout the world.

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