Larson president will head Carver and Marquis Yachts

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Carver and Marquis Yachts president and CEO Robert VanGrunsven is retiring and Larson Boat Group president Rob Parmentier will take the reins at the yacht companies, adding the brands to his current charge of J&D Acquisition brands that include Larson, Triumph and Striper.

“Everyone at Carver Marquis, including myself, are very appreciative for all the years that Bob has been associated with the company and wishes him nothing but success and happiness following his retirement from Carver Marquis,” J&D Acquisitions chairman and CEO Irwin Jacobs said in a statement.

“I’m very excited and optimistic with Rob Parmentier becoming the new president [and] CEO of Carver Marquis,” Jacobs said. “Rob joined the Larson Boat Group in September 2013 as president/CEO. In little time, Rob has transformed LBG into a successful major domestic and international boat manufacturer.”

Parmentier will continue in his role at Larson Boat Group.

“Rob is not a stranger to the big-boat market around the world. He was involved in all departments/divisions at Sea Ray throughout his 30-plus years, including becoming the president, and proved to be one of, if not the most innovative and successful executive managers throughout the entire boating industry,” Jacobs said.


4 comments on “Larson president will head Carver and Marquis Yachts

  1. justanladealertryntosurvive

    Finally someone with the insight to realize that business is about relationships and not just bean counting.Congratulations
    Rob you really deserve the opportunity to be back on top. Go get them I know you will succeed.

  2. Greg Worley

    Rob, congrats on your success. Carver Marquis is very fortunate to have you on their team and will realize tremendous growth and success with you there.

  3. Geoff

    I worked at SR HQ back when Rob P and Terry M were a postivive force for that company, before the great decline of the boat business. Best of luck in moving these brands onward and upward.

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