Student’s invention turns smartphone into VHF radio

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Being in trouble offshore without a cellphone signal might no longer be an issue, thanks to an Irish-designed case that allows a phone to become a VHF radio.

Seán Toomey, 23, came up with the idea for his waterproof VHF Casemate last year as a thesis project for his product design degree at Dublin Institute of Technology, according to a report by the Irish Examiner. He is hoping to find a partner firm to put it into production.

“More people are now relying on phones in case they have an emergency, but I spoke to a few people at the [Royal National Lifeboat Institution] in Dún Laoghaire. They said it was a problem in some cases they responded to, where people had tried unsuccessfully to raise the alarm using mobile phones,” the Dubliner told the newspaper.

Although there are many waterproof phone cases on the market, Toomey’s design also includes the electronics that enable VHF radio communication, which are not found in smartphones. By sliding the phone into the case and connecting it to a built-in connector — which also doubles as a charger — the user has a VHF radio that can be activated very simply through a phone app.

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2 comments on “Student’s invention turns smartphone into VHF radio

  1. Dave Fuller

    Interesting article, but it left me wondering just how effective a VHF radio it will be. Without knowing more, I risk assuming that it will have similar range and power as a hand-held VHF radio, which would certainly limit it’s “offshore” usefulness except to other vessels nearby. Any radio’s signal and ability to transmit to other stations is most effected by the height and quality of the antenna. If it allows an external antenna connection, it could be a very effective spare communicator in an emergency or during a power failure where the conventional VHF is disabled. Otherwise, it is likely to be limited in range similar to a conventional hand held radio. I want to hear more about it before passing judgment.

  2. Emily Taylor

    Nice proof of concept but just another useless device for kids on the internet to eat up and feel special about themselves over. Not to mention these types of things are always ripoffs and you just end up spending money on a cheaper and better real vhf radio

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