Australian show returns in June

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The Boating Industry Association of Victoria Melbourne Boat Show, which organizers said will feature 140 exhibitors, will be held June 12-16 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia.

Organizers said visitors will find products ranging from budget tinnies to top-end cruisers; from jet skis to wakeboats; from engines to drive systems; and from luxury yachting holidays to accessories. Deals will range from $10 for a fishing rod to $180,000 for a luxury 28-foot cruiser a visitor could tow away.

“With some suppliers in their 30th year of exhibiting, fishermen, water sport fans or first-time boat buyers simply wanting to obtain advice will receive the bespoke first-class service they need,” Boating Industry Association president Paul Benjamin said in a statement.

Organizers said the show will have interactive clothing and cooking demonstrations, equipment, accessories, boat engines, trailers and paddle crafts on display. There will be travel and fishing destination advice, and licensing and watercraft handling courses will be available.

Children will be entertained at the Flathead Fred’s Fun Fishin’ Show and adults will hear guest speakers and presenters on the main stage, including TV fishing celebrity and fishing expert Paul Worsteling.

“We want to let the public know that this year’s boat show is different from last year, as it’s for everyone, not just those looking for luxury,” Boating Industry Association CEO Steven Potts said.

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