Spot reports 3,000 rescues with its products

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Satellite messaging and emergency notification technology manufacturer Spot said its products have been used to initiate 3,000 rescues around the world since the technology was launched in 2007.

With more 200,000 units in service, the company said it is now averaging a rescue a day attributed to Spot, which offers satellite-based connectivity and real-time GPS tracking independent of cellular coverage.

“Lifesaving rescues around the globe are now a daily occurrence for our Spot products. Spot is an absolute must for the outdoor recreation market and aviation, as well as an essential government and enterprise solution,” Globalstar CEO and chairman Jay Monroe said in a statement.

The company said that during the past seven years boaters, hunters, recreational pilots, hikers, off-road travelers and outdoor enthusiasts have come to depend on the lifesaving capabilities of Spot.

The 3,000th rescue occurred in the Hayman Fire area of central Colorado. Two dirt bikers were outside cell range when an accident occurred. One of the riders activated the SOS button on his Spot satellite GPS messenger. The GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center was alerted and coordinated the rescue with local law enforcement.

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