Sullivan Flotation Systems completes marina project

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Sullivan Flotation Systems recently finished a major rebuilding project at the Guilford Yacht Club on Connecticut’s West River, which leads into Long Island Sound.

F&P Development Group of Milford, Conn., awarded Sullivan a contract last August to handle the design, construction and installation.

“The Sullivan team worked through just about every weather condition imaginable to meet our aggressive replacement schedule and to make this project a reality for the 2014 boating season,” F&P Development’s Trey Pratt said in a statement. “Plus, they anticipated all site conditions, so the plan worked without issue, even with the worst weather in decades.”

Pratt said the new design required Sullivan to rebuild the entire marina around existing piles.

“Since some of the piles were recessed within the docks’ structural framing, Sullivan’s designers had to create open-ended finger piers that could be finished on site. This innovative solution eliminated the expense of removing and redriving piles,” he said.

The decking on the pre-engineered wood system consists of Grey Composite non-skid material with a custom recessed border. Additional features include large aluminum cleats, black vinyl dock fenders, large gangway landing platforms and triangular finger corner gussets. The completed marina includes 145 slips ranging from 35 to 65 feet.

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