Summer boating camps planned in Rhode Island

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Confident Captain/Ocean Pros is teaming with Safe/Sea to offer youth powerboat instruction in a summer camp format on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island this year.

The powerboat camp will be open to children ages 10 and older and will be offered in two-week sessions. The first session will held July 7-18 at the West Bay location at Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina’s South Yard. An East Bay location is also possible.

Hands-on boating instruction will be aboard 18- to 21-foot runabouts and will include education time ashore. US Powerboating-certified instructors and Coast Guard-licensed captains will do the instructing and there will be a state boating license test when the course is completed.

“This is a great opportunity to provide a venue for our local youth that has never before been offered,” Captain/Ocean Pros president and founder Capt. Kent Dresser said in a statement.

“Our powerboat instruction will be on par with the finest sailing schools in the state and will leave the kids with seamanship skills that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to get kids out on the bay enjoying powerboats safely while learning new skills. We are fortunate to be offering the robust US Powerboating curriculum to support this great program and help provide kids with their state boating certification.”

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