Vessel Vanguard signs deal with Absolute Yachts distributor

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Marine maintenance company Vessel Vanguard formed a new partnership with Absolute North America, the company that handles the distribution of Italian yacht manufacturer Absolute Yachts for the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Each new model from Absolute’s Sport Cruiser, Sport Yacht, Sport Line and Flybridge ranges of yachts sold in the United States will be provisioned with a Vessel Vanguard subscription, giving Absolute owners access to a digital library of equipment manuals for their boat and all of its equipment, a customized maintenance and inspection calendar for all onboard systems and powerful functionality to track and oversee all service tasks.

Absolute Yacht owners will have information about their yacht’s systems, with alerts and emails to help them keep everything running.

“At Absolute Yachts we pride ourselves on developing products of the highest quality to meet the discerning needs of our owners,” Absolute North America CEO Constantinos K. Constantinou said in a statement. “In addition, our owners also expect a premium ownership experience. We are confident that Vessel Vanguard’s products can significantly enhance our yacht owners’ satisfaction with the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of their vessels, keeping them better informed, ensuring peak vessel condition and maintaining the high value of their Absolute.”

Vessel Vanguard gives subscribers a boat profile accessible from the cloud by browser, tablet or smartphone. The profile contains all manuals in searchable form with current updates, warranty data and registration and insurance documentation, organized to the preferences of the owner.

“Absolute Yachts are truly state of the art, with sculpted-fiberglass construction, highly efficient fuel consumption, easily serviceable subsystems and incredible on-the-water handling,” Vessel Vanguard CEO Don Hyde said.

“The selection of Vessel Vanguard for enhanced vessel management is in keeping with the quality and excellence of their innovative motoryachts — an exceptional testament to the advantages Vessel Vanguard provides. We are confident Absolute Yacht owners will enjoy the simplicity of the Vessel Vanguard boat management service and see it as an essential complement to their first-class vessel.”

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