VIDEO: Fire destroys boats at Rhode Island marina

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A strong wind carried the scent of smoke across the docks at the Rhode Island Yacht Club in Cranston late Saturday night as boaters slept during the first warm weekend of the boating season.

One owner noticed the smoke as he put out his trash and alerted authorities.

The initial report to emergency dispatchers was one vessel in flames. Firefighters arrived less than four minutes later to find four boats on fire and seven people stranded on the docks, Cranston Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valletta told the Providence Journal.

They used the city’s fireboat to rescue seven people caught on the wrong side of the blazing docks and boats, Valletta said. It took 90 minutes for firefighters to tame the fiercest flames and three hours to extinguish everything.

The club’s commodore, Robert O’Brien, identified the scorched boats one by one without naming their owners.

“Some of them are having a very, very difficult time,” he said. “They’re in shock. It’s everything they have.”


2 comments on “VIDEO: Fire destroys boats at Rhode Island marina

  1. Gary Spivack

    Having witnessed several marina fires and other disasters in my lifetime on the water, I can say there is nothing more frightening than being involved in a boat fire–either in the confines of a marina or at sea. This is why all marinas and prudent boat owners should seriously consider some type of ‘boat nanny’ service that will alert the owner and marina emergency contact by cell phone when a fire first gets underway. This same ‘boat nanny’ alarm can warn of high water, saving insurance companies millions in claims. I’m just sayin’–BE PREPARED!!

  2. John McDevitt

    Let me guess… The boat where the fire started did not have a smoka alarm?! Smoke alarms have been saving lives and protecting property for over four decades everywhere we go – except on a boat. Why don’t we use smoke alarms on a boat???

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