AB Marine signs deal with Australian manufacturer

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MagicEzy, an Australian manufacturer of gelcoat repair products, is breaking into the North American market by signing with Newport, R.I.-based marine distributor AB Marine.

The company’s products include 9-Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix and Mega Fusion.

“We’re very excited about working with AB Marine,” MagicEzy CEO Warwick Lindsay said in a statement. “They have an excellent reputation in the industry for representing the finest marine products and are also known for offering customers the newest breakthrough technologies.”

“Our MagicEzy product line takes one of boat ownership’s most difficult tasks — fixing chips, dents, scratches and stress cracks — and makes it easy for anyone to achieve professional results. Customer response across Australia has been fantastic, and we’re confident the same will happen across North America as boaters learn about our products and see them in their favorite stores.”

“We immediately recognized that MagicEzy products deliver an innovative solution for a problem that all boaters face,” AB Marine co-founder Steve Armitage said. “MagicEzy makes fixing the endless chips, dings and scratches that come with everyday boat use easy for everyone, which is why we expect a strong response from our customers. When you have a product that’s simple to use, effective, affordable and addresses an important need in the market — that’s a sure winner.”

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