VIDEO: So you think you’re having a bad day?

Posted on Written by Richard Armstrong


We stumbled onto this video and know only one thing about it: It’s worth sharing.

The brief description by the person who posted it reads simply: “Man in fishing boat tries to drop anchor, ends up sinking.”

As the mishap unfolds, the lone person on board seems to be attempting to drop some sort of improvised mooring anchor from his small aluminum boat.

Meanwhile, a man and woman aboard another boat offer off-camera advice before reveling in their friend’s blunder.

The woman’s laughter is infectious, and the hapless skipper takes his unexpected swim with good humor.


One comment on “VIDEO: So you think you’re having a bad day?

  1. Custom Design, Foxboro, MA

    Definitely insufficient or level floatation in that aluminum boat. Good thing he didn’t have an outboard attached. I never liked those boats due to their instability. Then there is that anchor! Good for him he wasn’t hurt and had help nearby. Where was his PFD?

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