Beneteau Father’s Day sale will benefit charity

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Beneteau America is holding a Father’s Day special that features Beneteau-branded clothing and accessories for men, women and children in a line that donates part of the sales to charity.

Beneteau fans can now enjoy $15 off their purchase of $75 or more with promo code FATHERSDAY15 — valid through June 15 at

When the new online store was launched last year, Beneteau committed to donating 10 percent of boutique sales to charity.

Beneteau chose to support Box of Rain, a non-profit organization in Annapolis, Md., that offers maritime programs and opportunities to disadvantaged youth ages 9 to 14 in an effort to nurture self-esteem and develop life skills that lead to positive contributions to the community.

“This is an amazing opportunity for Box of Rain to be affiliated with such a highly regarded and global organization,” Box of Rain executive director Kelsa McLaughlin said in a statement. “We couldn’t be more proud or more appreciative to be selected as the beneficiary of Beneteau’s generosity.”

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