Cobalt Boats and Volvo Penta join on new app

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Cobalt Boats and Volvo Penta are partnering to enhance a new iPad app that was designed exclusively for Cobalt dealers.

The app was engineered and created by the team at Jestercom, an application developer based in South Carolina.

Cobalt said Jestercom has been partnering with brands in the marine industry for more than 10 years and has developed award-winning mobile applications for some of the largest boat manufacturers in the world.

The new application was designed to educate Cobalt dealers about products, features and engine options. New this year, Cobalt has integrated the application with specific engine information from Volvo Penta.

The updated app now features specifications and details about Volvo Penta engines and their services. Through the tool, users can choose an engine option, download engine information for easy offline reading and request more data to be sent via email. This partnership has allowed Cobalt dealers and partners to readily see and show potential customers up-to-date data in real time.

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