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The Marine Dealer Conference & Expo is adding a fourth educational track to the three it traditionally offers for the conference that will take place Nov. 16-19 in Orlando, Fla.

This year the MDCE will offer sales, marketing, leadership and service plus tracks.

MDCE organizers decided to increase the number of tracks from three to four with the aim of helping dealer attendees drill down even further into pressing topics that affect their business performance in today’s retail landscape.

“With both dealers’ prospect base and the technology they use to communicate with customers and prospects evolving fast, we felt it was our responsibility to boost MDCE’s sales and marketing education,” Marine Retailers Association for the Americas education director Liz Walz said in a statement. (The MRAA and Boating Industry magazine co-produce the MDCE.) “That’s why we’ve separated the sales and marketing track into two individual standalone educational offerings.”

In addition to separating the sales and marketing tracks, another new development at MDCE this year is the newly renamed leadership track. Formerly called “powering profits,” the leadership track will address ways dealers can guide their team to propel their businesses forward.

“In pre-conference surveys, dealers indicated that leadership and management were their top priorities in 2014,” Boating Industry editor-in-chief Jonathan Sweet said. “Wanting to deliver on those desires, MDCE organizers felt that it was in the best interest of attendees to dedicate an entire educational track specifically to leadership.”

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