Ferretti Group set to open sales center on Long Island

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The Ferretti Group said it is opening a new annual sales center in Huntington, N.Y., on Long Island that will service New York and the upper East Coast for Ferretti Yachts, Ferretti Custom Line, Ferretti Navetta, Riva, Pershing, Mochi Craft and Itama.

“We decided to open a direct sales office in western Long Island due to the importance of developing the market in the tri-state area and to ensure the best sales and service experience possible,” Ferretti Group America president and CEO James Henderson said in a statement.

“Huntington offers an ideal location for us to showcase our product due to the strong yachting community in this area and its central location to key Northeast yachting communities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.”

Ferretti has built a sales and service footprint in Sag Harbor for five years, serving the Hamptons, and with the new Huntington office, the group said it will be positioned for continued sales growth and service infrastructure to support key markets in the tri-state area.

The Huntington office will focus on new-yacht sales, with access to an extensive inventory of Ferretti products, and will complement the range of services offered in this location with brokerage and charter capabilities through its Allied Marine division.

The Huntington office also will be a central base for Ferretti Group America service employees who will service clients in the Northeast through a fleet of service vans.

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