Freedom Boat Club plans event for children from Florida shelter

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The Jacksonville, Fla.-based Freedom Boat Club will treat a group of children from the Hubbard House to a day  on the water and a visit to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens July 2.

“A day at the zoo is always fun,” Lisa Almeida, CEO of Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville and St. Augustine, said in a statement. “And we wanted to take it a step further by adding a boat outing, as well. Being on the water is a great way to relax and experience the city from a different view. We are looking forward to seeing smiles on the faces of these kids and treating them to a day full of fun.”

The children and their chaperones will gather at Freedom Boat Club’s home dock at the Julington Creek Marina, then cruise down the river to the zoo. After spending the day visiting and having lunch at the zoo, the group will return to the club’s boats for the return trip to Julington Creek Marina.

Hubbard House helps victims of domestic violence and their children by providing safety, empowering them through counseling to develop life management skills and creating social change through education and advocacy.

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