Glasstream Powerboats buys facility in Alabama

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A.L. Kirkland, founder of Florida-based Glasstream Powerboats, said the company acquired a manufacturing facility in Dothan, Ala., to build its family-focused performance center console boats.

“Glasstream has been in the market for an additional facility for over a year,” Kirkland said in a statement. “We looked at 11 different sites in as many cities before deciding on Dothan. It’s a really great place to be in business, with very affordable cost of living, a strong labor pool, and a manufacturing-friendly environment.”

The Dothan facility initially will employ as many as 100 builders and support personnel and add 75 more in a second-phase expansion. Kirkland said the new plant is necessary to meet the needs of current and prospective dealers.

“Glasstream has shown very steady growth during the past five years, even in this economy,” Kirkland said. “Our boats are one of the best values in the marketplace, affordable with great performance and style, with the best mpg in the market. We have a waiting list of prospective dealers eagerly awaiting this production expansion.”

The company will offer stock boats and semicustom to full custom builds.

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One comment on “Glasstream Powerboats buys facility in Alabama

  1. Gary Potter

    Congratulations on your new home. I hope we can interest you in being your trailer supplier for next year. Our reps, Scott Nobel and Mike Hausmann will try to set up an appointment with you at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks and I look forward to trying to earn your business as we are one of the closest full manufacturing trailer companies in that area.



    870 481 5138 ext. 227

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