GOST will sponsor veterans fishing tourney in N.Y.

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GOST is sponsoring the Freedom Fighter Outdoors fishing tournament for wounded veterans next week in Montauk, N.Y.

The June 24-27 tournament is one of several events held by the Freedom Fighter Outdoors in which captains and fishermen donate their time and vessels to take veterans and their families out for a day of fishing at sea. The Freedom Fighter Outdoors seeks to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for needs, services and activities for injured service members while providing outdoor activities.

The Freedom Fighter Outdoors was launched in February by Capt. Vincent LaSorsa and his wife, Sarah, after several successful fishing trips in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project.

LaSorsa began the fishing trips as a way to provide veterans with quality time outdoors, which he believed would help reduce the number of postwar suicides in the veteran community. As the captain of Last Mango, Jimmy Buffett’s personal sportfishing vessel, LaSorsa made it his mission to help wounded veterans by providing them with an unforgettable day of fishing at sea.

“So many veterans injured mentally or physically give up because they feel worthless and useless,” LaSorsa said in a statement. “Getting these veterans involved in outdoor activities and meeting other veterans they have things in common with is proven to reduce postwar suicide risk.”

The event in Montauk will take 25 wounded veterans and their caregivers out on five boats for some striped bass fishing. In addition to fishing, the event will include an introduction dinner, where the veterans are assigned to fishing vessels, a BBQ awards dinner with the top five prizes after the tournament, a day of horseback riding and relaxation (or another day of fishing for the avid fishermen), and an evening of live music.

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