VIDEO: BRP unveils new Evinrude E-TEC G2 line

Posted on Written by Richard Armstrong
A 35 Scarab Offshore was fitted with three new 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards for demonstration rides for journalists on Friday in Milwaukee.

A 35 Scarab Offshore was fitted with three new 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards for demonstration rides for journalists on Friday in Milwaukee.

Powersport and propulsion system manufacturer BRP admits to being relatively quiet lately in touting its Evinrude brand of outboard engines, but only because it was working on making a big splash with a new product and boldly affirming its commitment to two-stroke technology.

Forty-six marine journalists from 14 countries attended a press event that was held Thursday through Saturday in Milwaukee for the unveiling of the second generation of BRP’s Evinrude E-TEC line of 2-stroke outboards. The line was introduced in 2003, but this E-TEC is an entirely different animal.

The E-TEC G2, as it is branded, is the first outboard the manufacturer has built “from the prop shaft to the fly wheel” — the company’s first totally new product in 38 years — and BRP boldly promises as much as 75 percent fewer emissions, 15 percent better fuel efficiency and 20 percent more torque than leading four-stroke engines.

Kept under wraps during its two years in development, the G2 is also the first outboard designed for the direct injection system.

When the G2 hits the market this fall, accompanied by a comprehensive advertising and promotional campaign, consumers will have the option of 200-, 225-, 250- and 300-hp models. BRP did not disclose the anticipated MSRP, but Chris Berg, director of marketing and strategic planning, said, “We will be competitively priced with comparable fully rigged four-stroke competitors.”

The line will be backed by a 5-5-5 warranty of 5-year engine and corrosion warranty and 500 hours with no dealer-scheduled maintenance.

“Without a doubt, these are going to set the benchmark in the industry for reliability,” George Broughton, director of engineering for Evinrude, told an audience of 2,000 dealers, BRP employees and media at a gala “Global Reveal” on Friday.

G2 innovations include a new “starboard-starboard” engine design that features two identical piston chambers, which BRP says is the primary source of the line’s torque and long-term reliability.

Journalists had the opportunity to test-drive 27 demonstration boats, all but four rigged with the spectrum of G2 engines. BRP deliberately rigged a wide variety of boats — bay boats, bass boats, center consoles, pontoons and performance boats — to showcase the engine’s versatility.

The consensus was an impressive display of torque, both out of the hole and at mid-range.

The brains of the engine, its Engine Management Module, allows for automatic break-in by adjusting performance to properly break in the engine, regardless of how the consumer runs it. The module also delivers automatic storage and winterization features.

Exclusive features include integrated hydraulic power steering with three levels of assist (minimal, medium and maximum), an i-Trim automatic trim system and dual axis rigging that routes all engine cables through one tube, making for a clean, clutter-free transom. The new SLX gear case is designed to be rugged.

Although BRP touts its redesigned inner workings, it’s the exterior of the G2 that makes a first impression — and that, too, is by design. Gone are the smooth, soft curves, replaced by an angular, almost jagged shape.

“It doesn’t look like another outboard. It has to shock to work if you want to change things,” said Jason Eckman, product marketing manager, echoing the rallying cry of Denis LaPointe, vice president of innovation, who led the design team that developed the unique look of the G2.

“We need a wow factor,” LaPointe said at Friday’s event. “Designing from the ground up meant changing the game.”

Adding to its game-changing exterior are five options for standard side panel colors and 14 accent colors designed to help consumers better match the look of their engine to their boat.

The 250-hp HO G2 will burn 21 gallons an hour at wide open throttle, according to the company. That model’s carbon monoxide emissions of 570 parts per million at idle speed are “the lowest-ever total emissions” from an outboard, Eckman said.

Two new propellers were designed for the G2 line, the RX4 and Raker H.O., as were fully integrated digital displays ranging from 3.5 to 7 inches, the larger models being touch-screen.


24 comments on “VIDEO: BRP unveils new Evinrude E-TEC G2 line

  1. Ken Wickey

    Tigerpilot: What’s wrong with 2 stroke technology if its as quiet as, cleaner and more powerful than all 4 strokes on the market? Sure sounds like a better option to me!

  2. Andy "Fat Boy"

    I agree, I was there and WOW! They did their homework. A green motor, clean motor, more powerful, more efficient, easiest to rig, WOW! The industry has something to talk about – finally!

  3. Gary Spivack

    Hats off to BRP for making an innovative product that has really turned the outboard industry on it’s end. Almost everyone jumped on the 4-stroke bandwagon, but BRP has gone their own way sticking with 2-stroke technology and re-invented it along the way. There are some real engineers at work here with a management team not afraid to back them up all the way. World-class ingenuity at work here. Carry on!!

  4. Jon Kruse

    I was there and it was awesome. This is a game changer! The most powerful, cleanest and fuel efficient engine on the planet with the lowest operating costs as well as the best warranty. What’s not to like? Plus you can customize it to color match the boat.

  5. Ken Stofflet

    When BRP took over the Evinrude and Johnson brands I cautioned everyone, especially dealers to be patient and let BRP which is engineering driven FIX the problems. It took a while but they had to allow for attrition to get rid of all the old OMC thinking staff and get on with what they do best.

    Bold new look with real “out of the box” thinking that will set them apart from 4 stroke competition. Hats off to these guys, I think they caught the rest of the boys asleep at the helm on this one. With some strong marketing and aggressive dealers they could gain some real market share.

  6. Chris Riley

    Let me start out by saying that I’m a bit biased here, as I did work for Evinrude as a DSM a few years ago. That being said, I do think these new G2 motors are going to generate serious consumer interest. Just as important will be the fact that these new pieces are going to be very attractive to the OEM’s and the dealer base. The ease of installation, combined with the 5 year warranty, and 5 years or 500 hours before needing any service are going to open a lot of eyes. The power output, fuel efficiency, and low emissions have always been a staple of the E-Tec lineup, but this new packaging takes things to a whole new level. Congrats to BRP for continuing to think outside the box, and bringing something truly innovative to the boating industry. I bet the dealers are going to love having these color-matched engines at the boat shows next year!

  7. David Belus

    I am a Field Service Rep for Evinrude. I’ve been with them for over 20 yrs living thru some disappointments along with the more recent successes of E-Tec. I just returned from 3 weeks supporting the launch of this new G2. It is a game changer! The obvious is the radical shift in styling to allow, for the first time in history, a consumer to be able to custom tailor his engine to match the colors and accents of his boat. It is now an integral part of the boat as opposed to just being a motor hanging off the back. But you have got to drive one to really experience just how monumental the improvements will be to the outboard industry. The first thing you will notice is the truly amazing torque output. Mid-range to WOT is way better than ANY existing outboard on the market. 600ft/lbs of torque from a 3.4 ltr V6! And our engineers accomplished this with better fuel economy and lower emissions than any other manufacturer, including current E-Tecs. Rigging is simple, quick and very clean. I have never been this genuinely impressed with anything else I have seen come out before!

  8. superpete

    500 hours or 5 years ‘without needing any service’? So that means no gear oil change or gear-case inspection for water intrusion, no fuel filters ,nothing to do on the TT system or steering, no spark plugs.Plus in the U.S. you are burning Ethanol fuel in most marine markets.I’ll be interested to see how this turns out for BRP.Scepticism aside,the concept looks impressive & the design should be attractive for boat builders & repowering of existing boats.

  9. Old Dinghy

    5 years or 500 hours of no scheduled maintenance. That doesn’t mean you don’t check the gearcase oil or stabilize the fuel continuously, and there’s even a sight gauge under the side hood to easily see the gearcase oil level remotely. You do not have to change this synthetic oil for 500 hours/5 years. I went to the meeting and drove the engines. They are definitely the new benchmark for outboard propulsion, and so clean they won’t need a catalytic converter which is next on the horizon for those still thinking four strokes are viable. Evinrude is running to the top.

  10. Baz

    After most of the offshore tournament boats w/ the e-tec 250’s switched to other brands its going to be a real battle to convince any of the OEM’s. You can have the best warranty and a 300 hp motor but if the failure rate is as high as in the past its going to be slow going for a while.

    I see lots of sponsorship opportunities coming…..

  11. Michael Valentine

    I’m a long time owner of Evinrudes. I live on Grand Isle and Evinrude needs to send me one just to advertise. I could set one on my bass boat or my salt water boat, set it beside the highway and sell them all day long. Go EVINRUDE!

  12. nbmm

    WOW… These new G2 engines only make you proud to be an evinrude tech. These are only going to leave all other brands in its wake. Can’t wait to run one commercially.

  13. Harry Torso

    I just love how BRP throws the dealer under the bus – again – with this endless insinuation that the dealer is the bad, expensive, 3-weeks-behind guy that keeps people from enjoying their product. They have done it right from the start of E-Tec in their catalogues and won’t let up. Do you honestly think that a guy who doesn’t have to do any dealer-scheduled maintenance isn’t still going to check his gearcase oil to be sure?

    Of course all the BRP reps here will bow to the throne – what else do you expect them to say?

  14. Kevin Watson

    It would be nice if BRP introduced a 250 HO model and a Racing version capable of 350 + hp.
    The New G2 Series takes all Marine Propulsion systems to the 21st Century. — definitely will be buying one.

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  16. Alan

    Just bought a 2015 Striper with a 200 HP E-Tec G2 engine. I have already asked the dealer to change it to a Yamaha 4 stroke. On a hot muggy day in Brooklyn, with the mechanic on board, the engine stopped working. After being towed in the mechanic discovered a gas vapor lock in the fuel pump. After fixing it boat ran fine until it was taken back to dealership to chance fuel pump. Now can’t get engine to run over 1100 RPM. If I turn off engine and start it again it runs normal then cuts out and goes to 1100RPM, even with throttle fully opened. Am returning it to dealer for servicing. So much for the “Newest and Greatest Engine” and so much for a care free summer.

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