VIDEO: High winds knock loose docks in Chicago

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The storm was brief, but the winds that accompanied it were high enough to knock two docks loose on Monday at DuSable Harbor in Chicago.

Although the noontime storm lasted no more than 15 minutes, several boats on the docks bumped into other vessels. One of the docks bumped into a third dock.

Crews using a pair of Chicago Park District boats and at least one other motorboat towed the docks back into position.


“It affects probably about 100 boats, but there is actually very little damage and nothing that won’t be repairable and shouldn’t interrupt people’s wonderful summer,” Harbor manager Scott Stevenson told WBBM-TV.

Bob and Fran White were onboard during the gust front.

“The only thing I noticed is when it cleared and I got off the boat it was further away from the dock then it was supposed to be,” Fran White said.

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