VIDEO: Intrepid sells 47-footer with quad-powered outboards

Posted on Written by Chris Landry

Intrepid Powerboats of Largo, Fla., recently sold its highest-horsepower outboard-powered boat ever — the 475 Panacea with four Seven Marine 557-hp V8 outboards.

“We’re still in the process of dialing it in, but it looks like we’ll get a top speed of 73 mph with a cruise of 55 mph,” Intrepid Powerboats president Ken Clinton told Trade Only Today.

Clinton said the boat-engine package will appeal most “to the person who wants what nobody else has — the person who wants the biggest and the baddest they can get their hands on.”

The quad-powered 475 Panacea is the sixth Intrepid with 557 outboards. Clinton said Intrepid was the first recreational powerboat company to rig a boat with 557s. That boat was an older 370 Cuddy.

“Since the first one, we have done a couple 375 CCs, a 375 Walk Around and a couple of 47 Panaceas.”

The first 475 Panacea was powered with three 557s and ran at a top speed of 64 mph, Clinton said.


9 comments on “VIDEO: Intrepid sells 47-footer with quad-powered outboards

  1. Custom Design, Foxboro, MA

    Who could afford the fuel? I figure 200+ gph wot. Good boat for the CG to catch drug runners. Not for the average fisherman. I could see two of the 557 but 4? 7 Marine should put a diesel power head in that engine. Turbines next?

  2. steve

    Average is not the buyer of this boat. This is a one tenth of a tenth of a percent boat. But you’re right, I hope it has a big gas tank. LOL

  3. Mike W

    WOW! Coolest thing I’ve seen on the water in some time. Thank you Intrepid and 7 Marine for pushing the edge of the envelope.

  4. Mark Passeri

    Fairly obvious who could afford the fuel, a guy who can afford an Intrepid. And four 557’s is the reason you do’t ever have to run wide open. I ran a Baja 36 Outlaw with twin HP 500’s for 5 seasons. Boat ran 73 on GPS, but most of the time I cruised at 35-40. Year after year my CPA wife was amazed that we averaged 18.5 gallons an hour, for both motors! I loved that boat, rode like a Caddy, handled like a sports car.

  5. Ron Knapik

    It’s incredible when money, and fuel is not an issue.

    And even if an average person won the lottery and bought one of these, he would probably be ridiculed for not being environmentally responsible.

  6. LARRY

    …Really? Well, how about offering a similar boat with 4 Boeing jet engines with an F-16 fuel re-supply system, so it can be refueled while doing Mach-1 ??…………That’s just what the Marine Industry needs to attract retired Air Force pilots returning from Afghan conflict……After all how far will our ego go?…….If it sounds stupid, then remember “stupid is as stupid does”

  7. Robert Fenton

    I’m told by Intrepid, that at cruise speed, she burned less that Quad Yamaha 350’s.

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