SeaSense by Unified Marine has new owner

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Gracelock Industries said it acquired Florida-based marine accessories manufacturer SeaSense by Unified Marine, strengthening Gracelock’s brand leadership position in the marine industry alongside its investment in Lorenz and Jones, a marine and powersports accessories distributor.

California-based Gracelock is a privately held multinational consumer goods business with operations in manufacturing, distributing and retailing.

“As we welcome Unified Marine into the Gracelock Industries group of companies, we believe that its expertise in developing quality marine and trailer products will greatly contribute toward expanding our product offerings,” Gracelock Industries CEO Mark Schelbert said in a statement.

“Gracelock Industries will work closely with Unified Marine to further develop the SeaSense brand in the marine and sporting goods markets, as well as pave the way for a new line of products that will cater to the marine-only market.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, the company will continue to operate as a standalone entity with complete management autonomy. David Nirenberg, founder, president and CEO of Unified Marine, retired as chief executive in June.

Doug Morichika has assumed the role of general manager of Unified Marine. Ingram Pope has stayed on as head of sales. Morichika has more than 35 years of distribution and manufacturing experience in the marine market.


2 comments on “SeaSense by Unified Marine has new owner

  1. Jason Blanchard

    That is great news for employees and customers alike. As many of you know, the company had earned a terrible reputation regarding the treatment of employees by the former CEO, and complaints from customers regarding dependability of products. Some online sites even mention, unethical business practices from upper management. It’s a real shame too because their have been a massive amount of good folks that experienced the hostile work environment, public insulting, and ultimately the revolving door of Unified Marine AKA Seasense. But the company always had huge potential. Hopefully a new owner and management at the helm will send them in the right direction. Great news

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