debuts youth boating project

Posted on launched a project aimed at getting young people involved in boating by encouraging current boaters to introduce young people and their families to the water.

This summer the organization’s volunteers and boating partners are taking 100 children to experience family boating. Its aim is to grow the program through a grassroots, crowd-sourced and worldwide effort.

ChooseBoating was started by two lifelong boaters — CEO Anna Islamova and United Yacht Sales broker Matt Howard.

“We are thrilled that the boating community is interested in participating and making a difference,” Islamova said in a statement. “It started with our friends — boaters who are excited to participate by taking as many kids as possible boating this summer. And now, boating business are joining the community and contributing to the success of the project.”

ChooseBoating.said that exposing children to boating not only gives them a hobby, but also offers a jump-start on skills that will serve them, their families, friends and communities throughout their lives.

The organization said Freedom Boat Club San Diego, Boating Times Long Island, Members of Marina Del Rey and the Fairwind Yacht Club have helped it start the boating community.

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