Maine show will pay tribute to Herreshoff 12-1/2

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Maine’s harbors are renowned for their lovely boats, crafted by a long line of the state’s builders. Whether they’re graceful sailboats, Down East powerboats or commercial fishing boats, the Maine fleet has a certain flair.

There have been many influences on the look of a Maine boat, but one name comes quickly to mind: Herreshoff. With “The Genius of Herreshoff,” the annual Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show, which opens today and continues through Sunday on the waterfront in Rockland, will pay special tribute to the Herreshoff 12-1/2.

The beloved daysailer, which turns 100 years old this summer, has many offspring: the fiberglass Bullseye (a 12-1/2 with a little cuddy); the Haven 12-1/2 (the Joel White-designed centerboarder); the Paine 14 (a new creation from Chuck Paine); the Pisces 26 (by Classic Boat); and Herreshoff designs reimagined by the likes of Bristol Boat Co. and Cape Cod Shipbuilding.

Examples will be on display at the show, from a sprinkling of classic Herreshoff 12-1/2s in wood and glass to the Buzzards Bay 25 and the Newport 29.

As always, the show docks will be filled with sailboats and powerboats, as well as an impressive display of smaller vessels — rowing craft, kayaks, outboard boats and paddleboards.

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