Outer Reef Yachts makes communications hire

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hess0808Outer Reef Yachts named Tracy Hess director of marketing and communications, responsible for managing the company’s global image as it pertains to the brand, evolving product lines and owner services.

Hess joins the Fort Lauderdale-based builder as part of its continued commitment to product and service growth, including the latest launch of the new Outer Reef Trident series, which focuses on the design and construction of long-range motoryachts with a unique synthesis of stylistic innovation, technology and functionality.

Working with senior management and Outer Reef’s sales network, Hess will implement marketing strategies to meet the needs of current international clients and prospective buyers for the new series while continuing to increase market awareness of Outer Reef’s long-range motoryacht product line ranging from 53 to 115 feet.

Hess has held sales management and leadership positions at marine media and technology companies, including Power and Motoryacht Magazine, and most recently Yachtworld, Boats.com, and Boat Trader.

She is a member of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association, Young Professionals in Yachting and the Marine Industries Association of South Florida.

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