Skeeter unveils two redesigned high-performance bass boats

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Skeeter has redesigned the ZX225.

Skeeter Boats is introducing a newly designed ZX225 and ZX250 for model year 2015.

“Considering the incredible success of the ZX line over the years, our engineering staff wanted to make these models the next step in high-performance bass boats,” Skeeter Boats senior vice president and general manager Jeff Stone said in a statement. “We at Skeeter have listened and we are now bringing together a pre-packaged, loaded high-end tournament rig with the most technologically advanced fishing features included as standard equipment.”

The performance-designed hulls were specifically made for the Yamaha V MAX SHO 225 and V MAX SHO 250 outboard motors. The ZX225, at 19 feet, 11 inches, and the ZX250, at 20 feet, 11 inches, offer the ultimate length combinations for anglers.

“High-performance bass boats are now measured by how the boat performs at top-end speed, on the trolling motor and everything in between,”said Ben Jarrett, director of sales and marketing at Skeeter Products Inc. “Both models deliver Skeeter’s core performance heritage; a smooth, fast and exceptionally dry ride.”

“Total fishing performance is enhanced by the modern features on your boat, not unlike smartphones in our pockets and navigation devices in our vehicles,”Jarrett said. “Fishing is changing, and keeping up with technology so you can fish at your peak is important. That’s why you need the right tools, like futuristic Lowranceelectronics, Power Poleanchoring systems and powerful MinnKota112-pound trolling motors.”

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