Sunreef Yachts opens office in Bahrain

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Reflecting a growing interest in Sunreef Yachts in the Middle East, the company has announced its expansion into Bahrain as a subsequent phase of plans for expansion in Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

After the three-month presence of the 70 Sunreef Power Damrak II in the Middle East, the shipyard last year decided to open its first office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

At the start of this year, the company presented catamaran models, including the 90 Sunreef Power and Sunreef 165 Ultimate, at the Kuwait Yacht Show and the Dubai International Boat Show.

In March, Sunreef organized a series of events in four locations across the Gulf region where the futuristic trimaran concept 210 Power Trimaran was presented. At 64 meters in length and almost 1,000 square meters of living space, it is the biggest vessel of this type on the market, Sunreef said.

Surrounded by the Persian Gulf, with a rich industry and relaxed cultural rules, “The Kingdom of the two Seas” is a fertile environment for the sale of Sunreef catamarans.At the same time, the Bahrain office will be a portal where Sunreef will be able to showcase itself on the broad Middle East yachting market. The company`s vision is to fill a gap in the GCC’s leisure marine market.

The Sunreef business in Bahrain will be headed by Anna Nowotarska, who has been with the shipyard for more than five years.

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