VIDEO: MasterCraft rolls out new 20-foot surf boat

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Sportboat manufacturer MasterCraft knows its market well and delivers for it again with the new X20, its first boat designed specifically to create the perfect surf wave.

The pairing of 2,000 pounds of ballast, the company’s Gen 2 Surf System and a new deep and beefy hull creates a wake wave like no other. The 20-footer sculpts surf waves typically seen only behind larger boats.

“With the X20 we put our full attention on doing what it takes to create the ultimate surf boat. That included our science-based development of a new surf hull and combining our surf-specific feature sets together to create the perfect inboard surf wave,” MasterCraft president and CEO Terry McNew said in a statement.

“Wakesurfing is a growing trend that also brings with it a whole new culture and enjoyment. We recognize this and want the experience to be as fun on the water as it is for the audience in the boat.”

Check out a sample of the fun the X20 offers (the full-length video can be seen here):

MasterCraft engineers took a scientific approach to developing the ultimate surf wake by modeling and analyzing various approaches. The new hull is deeper and stouter, resulting in an unusual surf wave.

As on all of MasterCraft’s X Series boats, the Gen 2 Surf System is custom-fit for the X20’s hull. The surf experience can be personalized for every surfer, and controlling the X20’s surf system is intuitive — touch the optional 7-inch Murphy screen to instantly access customized user profiles, fill or drain the 2,000 pounds of stock ballast and instantly shift the wake.

MasterCraft dealers will begin taking custom orders for the X20 immediately. The boat will be available for purchase at select dealerships this month. The X20 comes standard with a five year bow-to-stern warranty.

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