VIDEO: Mercury Marine’s growth charted in Wisconsin

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A new video produced by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce honors Mercury Marine as the state’s 2013 Manufacturer of the Year Award winner.

The 4-minute-plus video speaks to the growth of the company during the last 75 years, including its emergence from the global economic crisis.

“We went through a terrible crisis with the Great Recession … which was the late 2008 to the 2010 period, where we lost over half our revenue overnight. We lost over a billion dollars in revenue since that period of time,” Mercury Marine president John Pfeifer says in the video.

Pfeifer describes “a different marine environment today than it was five years ago.” He discusses how innovation, such as the manufacturer’s Enertia Eco prop, is critical to success in today’s economy. Mercury introduced the prop last year. It improves cruising speed efficiency and thus reduces fuel consumption.

In February, Mercury was named the 2013 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year in the Mega category, which recognizes companies with more than 750 employees.

Mercury employs 5,400 people worldwide, 3,100 of them in Wisconsin, and spends $300 million annually with more than 700 Wisconsin-based suppliers.

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