VIDEO: Wave damages ferry en route to Boston

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A large wave damaged a ferry that was headed to Boston Wednesday, leaving passengers stranded at sea for hours.

The 20-foot wave hit the Provincetown IV as it headed to Boston from Provincetown, Mass.

“It hit us from the front, so it felt like we were going under water. All of a sudden we saw water dripping from the ceiling. We thought the whole boat was going to go down,” one passenger told Boston TV station WCVB.

Cellphone video shows passengers wearing life vests and splashing through water.

“I opened my eyes. I see a giant wave crashing on the window of the boat. I heard a big, giant noise and looked up and water started to pour in,” passenger Ariel Shrom told WCVB.

The ferry was still seaworthy, but damaged. Two of seven pilothouse windows were blown out, knocking out the vessel’s control system. With the ferry temporarily stranded, the Coast Guard rushed to the rescue.

Several hours later, passengers were back on steady ground and visibly relieved.

“I’m just glad I’m inland,” one of them said.

No passenger injuries were reported, but the captain suffered cuts to his hand.

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