Volvo Penta unveils new factory warranty

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Volvo Penta of the Americas announced a three-year factory warranty for its line of remanufactured marine gasoline engine blocks.

The company also announced the addition of a 4.3-liter model to its line of remanufactured V8 long block gasoline engines, supplementing the 5.0-, 5.7- and 8.1-liter models previously offered. All remanufactured engines are available with two- to three-day delivery to most locations.

Starting June 1, all Volvo Penta remanufactured gasoline long blocks are covered with a three-year replacement parts and accessory limited warranty when long blocks are installed by an authorized Volvo Penta dealer, power center or authorized distributor.

The Volvo Penta remanufactured base engine assemblies provide dealers and customers a lower-cost alternative to new engines for repowering applications.

They are produced to factory specifications with a process using computer-controlled robotic manufacturing systems, providing original equipment workmanship. They are built with new parts from the original equipment manufacturer and are designed for the saltwater marine environment. Each unit goes through the same testing, inspection and acceptance as factory-built new engines before they are program certified.

“The new three-year warranty for remanufactured long blocks is consistent with Volvo Penta’s goal to be the clear industry leader in customer service and satisfaction,” David Kennedy, director of parts and accessories operations for Volvo Penta Region Americas, said in a statement.

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