BoatUS delivers anti-ethanol messages to EPA

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BoatUS delivered more than 24,000 boaters’ comments on the ethanol issue to the Environmental Protection Agency.

BoatUS delivered more than 24,000 boaters’ comments on the ethanol issue to the Environmental Protection Agency.

BoatUS president Margaret Podlich and government affairs manager David Kennedy delivered more than 24,000 comments on Monday from boaters who want the Environmental Protection Agency to stop adding ethanol to the fuel supply.

If accepted, the EPA’s proposed levels will require the use of a record amount of ethanol, forcing higher-level ethanol fuel blends, including E15, into gas pumps.

“A sticker on the pump, mixed in with all the other labels, may be the only warning for E15 gasoline,” Podlich said in a statement.

Most marine engines are built to only work with as much as 10 percent ethanol; the EPA prohibits the use of gas containing more than 10 percent ethanol in any marine engine.

The national boating advocacy, services and safety group has voiced concern about the significant potential for “misfueling,” putting boaters at risk by using fuel that could damage their engines.


3 comments on “BoatUS delivers anti-ethanol messages to EPA

  1. Jim

    I wrote to one of my Congessional representatives, and his reply was how important ethonal was to keeping us energy independent and how good it was for the economy. He, or his staff, either failed to properly research the ill effects of ethonal or simply chose to close their eyes and take the lobbiest money.

  2. Jason Lee

    The boating industry might want to consier teaming up with other industries on this. Think of all of the small engine manufacturers providing enginees to lawn care and other businesses. If they could get involved with the petitiion it might open many additional signators. Think about if every Home Depot, Lowes, Ace HW, Honda, John Deere, Kubota, and other shops along with every other retailer of small engine products placed a sign up directing people to an online petition.

  3. Fletch

    Brazil and soon to be Argentina and Paraguay use around 27% ethanol in their common gasoline and they have many of the same non flex fuel vehicles and the very same small engines and boat engines we have.

    Mercury Marine, which recently hosted a Webinar on ethanol myths, noted that ethanol does not “grab water molecules out of the air.” It is hydrophilic, which means ethanol holds water. With regular gasoline (E0) as well at E10, the primary cause of water collecting in tanks is condensation on tank walls. But unlike E0, which can absorb almost no moisture, E10 can hold up to half of one percent of water by volume, and the water molecules will dissolve in the fuel. The “solubilized” water will bypass the water separator and burn harmlessly through the engine….Mercury Marine says, “After the transition period from E0, E10 may actually be a superior marine fuel as it tends to keep low levels of water moving through the fuel system, keeping the system ‘dry.'”

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