NMMA ‘discouraged’ about demise of Trans-Pacific trade deal

Posted on Written by Reagan Haynes

The group representing the U.S. marine industry is speaking out against President Trump’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Monday, which some speculate demonstrates the new president’s intention to follow through with his tough stance on trade.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association said Trump’s withdrawal from the deal will directly harm the industry, particularly American boat manufacturers.

“NMMA is discouraged to see one of President Trump’s first actions be to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” NMMA government relations vice president Nicole Vasilaros said in an email to Trade Only.

The NMMA was very supportive of the TPP, calling it “an important agreement that strengthens global trade, pinpointing the Asia Pacific region.”

“Without the TPP, the recreational boating industry and specifically, U.S. boat manufacturers, are at a disadvantage — limiting growth in the international marketplace,” Vasilaros said.

The recreational boating industry benefited from the TPP, which “provided regulatory transparency and measures to ensure cooperation among regulatory bodies, reducing burdensome and duplicative rules,” Vasilaros said.

“Specific benefits for boating included: lower tariffs, mechanisms for standards harmonization and development of best practices for countries without a regulatory regime, customs transparency and opportunity for adjudication, and reduced technical barriers to trade,” she said.

Other nations involved in the TPP were seeking to move forward without the United States today. Some, such as USA Today, speculated that Trump’s withdrawal would weaken the U.S. position in Asia, particularly China.

In light of such new developments, as well as Brexit, the NMMA is hosting a trade symposium prior to the Miami International Boat Show

“We thought it was a good idea to pull together this dialogue to ask what is the future of trade, because we don’t know,” NMMA export director Julie Balzano told Trade Only.

Several experts, including many outside the boating industry, will speak, including Tony Villamil, founder and principal of The Washington Economics Group; Jay Reynolds, president of JP Reynolds Co. Inc.; and Jim Anzalone, president of Compliance Assurance LLC.

Vasilaros and Correct Craft president Bill Yeargin also will address the group.

The symposium will consist of two discussions. The first is a refresher course to help companies ensure they are compliant as exporters.

“The next one is what’s next for trade overall,” Balzano said. “The geopolitical ramifications, and the whole ramifications of trade agreements — and what happens if they’re scaled back.”

For example, revision of the North American Free Trade Agreement could have potential ramifications for the industry, given that Canada is the No. 1 country that imports U.S.-built boats and Mexico is another top export market.

In addition, certain border taxes that have been discussed “can cause retaliation and make it more expensive for us to export our products,” Balzano said.

“At the NMMA we want to make sure our members stay focused on international trade, stay focused on having a healthy balance of domestic and international sales, and want to make sure they stay informed on all the new changes that may be coming under this new administration,” Balzano said.

Space was almost full, so Balzano stressed that interested parties should register soon.


32 comments on “NMMA ‘discouraged’ about demise of Trans-Pacific trade deal

  1. Bill Shenbaum

    Don’t know why anyone is discouraged. Trump ran on this very issue for 2 years. It’s what voters voted for. Even Hillary acquiesced to Trump’s stand on this issue at the end though she probably wouldn’t follow through.
    Unfortunately Nafta and TPP hurt most manufacturing in this Country while helping the rest of the world. Look at this countries trade deficits.
    Trade needs a major overhaul for us to participate within a level playing field again.

  2. Charlie

    Now all of the US brands that make their boats in Asia and Italy will have to make them in the US or be at a price disadvantage to those manufacturers that do. This helps American workers who will then have enough money to become a boater themselves. NMMA is nuts!

  3. AnonymousBob

    What? Huh? You mean voting against my own interests actually has repercussions??!!
    Well, 2016 was a good ride. Tighten your belts, everyone, the cavalcade of idiocy is just getting started.

  4. Kevin Shlossberg

    The interests of the boating industry doesn’t jive with the interests of the struggling workers who are losing their manufacturing jobs throughout the Rust Belt. That’s why he was elected.

  5. Timothy J Pitts

    On the surface these trade agreements are appealing. Dig down to find out that things like foreign litigation can take a company down without recourse in American Judicial systems. TPP is akin to ACA (Obama Care) wherein “you have to pass it before you can know what’s in it”

  6. Eddyboats

    Too bad for the wealthy manufacturers. So they’ll make a million or 2 less ? Im having a hard time feeling bad for them. The boating industry is to big anyway and bad for the environment. We need for the rest of the country to be able to pay their bills and survive,nevermind buying a boat !
    TRUMP 2020 !!

  7. Terry R. Garland

    As the owner of a Marine service facility, I welcome Trump’s move to stop this cheap foreign “junk” from coming in. We have been in business for 18 years and the quality of boat parts has never been worse. So many products don’t fit, don’t work or do not work properly, cost more than ever and cost us more time and money because we promise our services to be done properly. It’s about time that we bring the manufacturing back to the USA, at least now we have the potential to get American made parts for American made boats that we do not need to apologize to our clients when we repair their boats. God Bless you Donald Trump. It’s about time someone stood up for the consumer.

  8. Tao Massimo

    The NMMA is the the one I’m discouraged with. You are out of touch and don’t represent the majority view of your members. America First is what the people WANT. Today the Dow made history and hit the milestone of 2000. Hope and excitement is in the air. Union leaders, business leaders, are meeting Mr. Trump every day and coming out with new excitement and cheering our President. If those running the NMMA can’t see and understand whats happening then maybe a new line of work is in the cards. We need a Renaissance in our own country. From the looks of it, thats what we are about to get. Get on board or get out of the way.

  9. AnonymousBob

    “America First” certainly has a familiar authoritarian, dictatorial ring to it. Where have we heard this nationalistic jingo before, coupled with the xenophobic reactions? You Trump supporters and NMMA bashers really need to wake up. The country is about to receive the largest fleecing it’s ever had with Donald Trump at the helm. You think Madoff was bad; you ain’t seen nothing yet! We’re not even a week into Trump’s administration and he’s silencing our scientists, our national park spokespeople, still lying about illegal voters, whining about inauguration size counts, raising homeownership costs, trying to silence the press, alienating our border neighbors, and, generally, making a mockery of the Presidential office. Trump’s, and his daughter’s, clothing lines are still produced overseas, he hasn’t divested his global business interests, and he’s filling the swamp with Goldman Sachs elites. You think he really cares about bringing jobs back to America? HA!!! You think he cares about your local blue-collar workers? HA!!! Trump is using the Presidency to line his, and his family’s, pockets so he can finally be the billionaire he’s claimed himself to be. You people supporting him are going to be in for a rude awakening, so I’ll get it out of the way now: “Told you so!”

  10. Tao Massimo

    No my friend Anonymous. America First means OUR country, OUR people, OUR businesses, OUR infrastructure comes before those of other countries that are continuously taking us to the cleaners and eating our lunch.. Patriotic Populism is not authoritarian. We Trump supporters HAVE woken up to the unfettered fleecing by the neocon Globalists who have financially enriched themselves while the American people themselves are suffering and are struggling to survive daily with dwindling jobs and incomes with an even bleaker future. Trump has sacrificed a golden, easy, successful lifestyle to help try to get this country back on track. Risking his life and families comfort to make a contribution….against unbelievable odds. The man out worked, out campaigned, out smarted the entire world to win. Despite illegal voting (esp.in California), fighting the fake news and a lying biased media. He is already bringing jobs back and putting SUCCESSFUL business people in his cabinet. He is rolling over the naysayers faster then lightening by putting his promised policy’s into affect.
    The opposition is afraid that this President will be a success. That is why the hysterical talking point comments from the whining opposition.
    Trump ran against the entire world and won. He never GIVES up. An individual man who can accomplish that feat can surely MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  11. Victor Grossman

    Obama’s presidency was a rude awakening for me I tell ya that. Time for the NMMA to be an advocate for business in the US. Trump keeps winning. I’m not tired of winning yet.
    The press is doing a good job of silencing themselves by losing all credibility with the public. Trump throws out a nice shiny object, Voter Fraud, for them to chase in circles while he methodically and speedily pushes his agenda through! Genius! It’s glorious.

  12. AnonymousBob

    That was HILARIOUS!!! You have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the golden Russian kool-aid. Enjoy lapping it up. As soon as you mentioned the illegal voting in California, you lost ALL credibility. You can’t point to one instance of that because it doesn’t exist. And, I wonder why the voters and citizens of California suddenly don’t matter, but the cows and pasture land in flyover country do. Oh, yeah, because it helps throw up a fake cloud against the fact Trump LOST!! BIGLY! Only because of Republican gerrymandering to sway the Electoral College did Trump “win”. He’s an illegitimate president and you can’t accept that, so you chant “illegal voting” without any proof. The only reason Trump is investigating it now is because he’s lied so much about it, that he now realizes he’s gotta “put up, or shut up” about it. Guess what? He won’t find anything. Just like he didn’t find anything fake about Obama’s birth.
    But, you keep believing the “alternative facts” and the lies. As I said earlier, you’ll realize the fleecing you’re getting — when it’s too late. I’ll be glad to say it again: “Told you so!”

  13. Cali Aylor

    Well Anonymous sir, Trump was elected our President. Won 33 out of 50 states. Hateful commentary towards him and his supporters just reinforces one of the reasons why he won such an upset victory. His actions these last few days don’t jive with your comments. Seems to be doing just what he told everyone he was going to do from the get go. Wanting to protect our country against those from other countries who hate us is not xenophobic. It’s smart. Unless you had your head in the sand the last 15 yrs. Wasn’t initially a Trump supporter, but he won me over. Never saw such a fighter. Like that trait. He’s the President. So that means everything he does is Presidential. He was not elected to make our border neighbors happy. He was elected to make our citizens happy. The reason his daughters, and so many other clothing lines are made oversees is because the manufacturers in this country can’t compete. That’s precisely what he is trying to change! NMMA has got to start facing reality. Theres a whole lotta country out there that doesn’t agree with you.

  14. Tao Massimo

    Anonymous Bob….are you a citizen of US or Mexico? In California you only need a drivers license to vote. Illegals are given licenses in California. Use your head. Insulting patriotic, hardworking Us citizens in 33 states isn’t the way to make your point. Cry ‘illegitimate’ all you want. Just makes you look foolish. He won the electoral college, which is how we have picked our Presidents since day one. He’s our President. Your President. You gotta suck it up like we had to suck up Obama the last 8 years. Luckily Trump is dismantling Obama’s entire agenda while he is throwing out crowd size and voter fraud to keep the oppo occupied. BTW, Hillary sucked. Bigly.

  15. Kevin Shlossberg

    Dear EVERYONE He won the Republican nomination, he won the presidency and I guarantee you one way or another MEXICO is paying for the wall!! OK? Now stop arguing. TY

  16. AnonymousBob

    So, you insulting the 39 million people in California is okay? I like your hypocrisy.
    Why should those 33 state’s individual electoral votes carry more weight than California’s? They have less population density, but more electoral votes per capita. So, you like an unfair playing field? So does Trump, because that’s how he “won” the Electoral College. Still LOST the popular vote – soundly!
    You stay in your bubble and I’ll stay in reality.
    P.S. “told you so”!

  17. Tao Massimo

    So every election in our history is unfair because it’s based on the electoral college? We should let a few left leaning over populated cities pick our President and screw the rest? You have to be intelligent to win the electoral college. You have to know where and how to campaign. You have to bring your campaign to a diverse cross section of voters. You can win the popular vote by 20 million…that and cup of coffee get you nowhere. That’s how its played. You don’t change the rules and cry unfair because you lose.
    P.S. “winning!”

  18. AnonymousBob

    You Trumpkins make me laugh, I’ll give you that.
    Those “left leaning” states and cities are more representative of the demographics in America than those in the Rust Belt. Those “left leaning” states contribute more to the federal tax base while taking less pork, proportionally, than Rust Belt or Bible Belt states.
    But, you stick to your antiquated, outdated, regressive beliefs while the rest of America, and the world, passes you by.
    And leaders in our industry wonder why we don’t have a younger, more diverse base of boaters. Just read the comments from the Trump supporters here and we see our answer.

  19. Kevin Shlossberg

    Ummm, Who passed who by? Trump won. The MAJORITY of states in this country voted him in. You and those that think like you have been passed by. With the way the Dem party is going, far left wackos wearing pink pussy hats, promoting abortion till the DAY of birth, violent black lives matter supporters, anti cop attitudes, sanctuary city supporters, open borders, nasty mouthed protesters trashing our cities, etc.
    Self destructive is putting it mildly. You will further lose in 2018.

  20. Terry Garland

    To a direct reply to anonymous, you sound just like your idol “Obama ” and all I can say to you is that I really believe if you would just shut up and watch what is happening that you and all the other liberals will see that we are sick of your “progressive ” ideas. Did you not know that Obama and the Democratic Party put us in debt a additional 11 trillion dollars. Your party and their ideas are done at this time, so please sit down and shut your mouth and we will show you how to make America great again. Please just shut up, we are sick of of the progressive way.

  21. AnonymousBob

    Maybe you should stay away from Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge, and Infowars. Oh, and loosen the tinfoil hat. It’s restricting the oxygen your brain is so desperately seeking.
    I know it’s easier to believe conspiracy theories, but you really need to consider taking a Critical Thinking class somewhere – and soon. It will do you, and the rest of us, a lot of good.
    Hope and change beat fear and loathing every day.
    I appreciate your contribution to the laughfest here!!

  22. AnonymousBob

    To Cali Aylor:
    Sorry, but there are more people in the country that agree with me. Some 2.5 million more agree with me than agree with Trump, so there’s that. The “upset victory” comment made me laugh, too. He LOST the popular vote and his Electoral College “win” was one of the slimmest on record, so there’s that. He has no mandate, but he does have the bully pulpit. And he’s definitely using it that way. We’ll see how soon he’s impeached with his unconstitutional breaches of ethics and conflicts of interest. So, there’s that. The massive damage he’s inflicting on America in such a short time is going to take a generation to repair, but Americans are resilient and Democrats will have to clean up the mess, as usual. So, there’s that.
    And to conflate “being” presidential with being the President is hilarious. My ribs hurt from laughing so hard at that. I can only imagine in your “alternate reality” that you felt the same way about Obama. You know I’m correct, so there’s that.

    It’s been fun toying with you Trumpkins today. The tone deafness, the irony, the hypocrisy, the “alternative facts” have all been entertaining. I wish us all well as we cascade down a tunnel hole of complete and utter backwardness. It’s going to take a long time to recover from the thrashing Trump is inflicting. And we’re only a week into his term.

  23. Carl Moore

    A-Bob isn’t even a Boater but just a troll paid (I venture)by a Sorros PAK who has the ability to monitor blogs across the interweb. Anytime any blog mentions political traffic Bob get’s sent in to bomb it like he is doing here. He’s been around for years with the same left wing rants…
    He is an anarchist who doesn’t believe in our form of government. We are a representative Republic. A-Bob & his ilk want a mob rule democracy. How would have that worked in the days of Lincoln?

  24. Scott Wiliams

    WOW, THE NMMA ISN’T OUT OF TOUCH, THEY ARE TOTALLY CLUELESS AND LOST. Another example of WHY our industry can’t (will not) evolve into something more powerful. How sad.

    And GREAT comments below.

    Kevin Shlossberg
    The interests of the boating industry doesn’t jive with the interests of the struggling workers who are losing their manufacturing jobs throughout the Rust Belt.

    Carl Moore
    This is great News! Showing Again how out of touch the NMMA is…

    Terry R. Garland
    As the owner of a Marine service facility, I welcome Trump’s move to stop this cheap foreign “junk” from coming in. We have been in business for 18 years and the quality of boat parts has never been worse.

    William Trudell
    Build the best boats in the world. Build unsurpassed quality. Pay attention to the voice of the customer. You will be successful.

    Tao Massimo
    The NMMA is the the one I’m discouraged with. You are out of touch and don’t represent the majority view of your members.

    America First means OUR country, OUR people, OUR businesses, OUR infrastructure comes before those of other countries that are continuously taking us to the cleaners and eating our lunch.. Patriotic Populism is not authoritarian.

  25. AnonymousBob

    Thanks for the conspiracy theory Mr. Carl Moore. You’re way off the mark, as usual, so thanks for playing.
    I’ve never seen so many triggered Right Wing snowflakes, except every day in the lily-white, male dominated Marine industry that I’ve been in for a couple decades now. Believe me, I enjoy the industry because of the customers, definitely not because of you racist, xenophobic, uptight industry cohorts. My customers may not share all my political views, but they’re smart enough to carry on an adult conversation with me and discuss things in a fact filled, non-tinfoil hat wearing capability. Wearing your shameful Right Wing ideologies on your sleeves is what drives customers my way. So, thanks for that. I stay anonymous here so I can stay successful out there.
    P.S: Carl, if you’d kindly send Mr. Soros my way, I’d love to get on his payroll.

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