BoatUS criticizes Coast Guard cuts in Trump budget

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Coast Guard funding could be cut by 14 percent under the Trump administration’s proposed federal budget. Photo courtesy of the Coast Guard

Coast Guard funding could be cut by 14 percent under the Trump administration’s proposed federal budget. Photo courtesy of the Coast Guard

BoatUS said boat owners should be aware that the Trump administration’s proposed federal budget cuts could affect boating safety, access and the health of waterways.

“The administration’s budget proposal clearly reflects a different set of priorities over previous years,” BoatUS government affairs manager David Kennedy said in a statement. “Proposed cuts to agencies such as the Departments of Commerce and Interior, Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency could lead to changes for many programs that matter to boating.”

“Considering boating’s $121.5 billion impact, we believe this would be shortsighted and negatively affect the boating experience for our nation’s 12 million boat owners,” Kennedy said in a statement.

Kennedy said that under the budget proposal’s shifting priorities, Coast Guard funding could be slashed by 14 percent, to just $7.8 billion, while the service’s “parent,” the Department of Homeland Security, receives more money.

“As the budget process continues, boaters may need to communicate with their members of Congress regarding programs that fund clean-water efforts, clean marina programs, navigation improvements, regional waterway restoration, such as the Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes and Puget Sound, and boating safety programs,” Kennedy said. “We are keeping a close watch.”

BoatUS said it will continue to monitor the budget process, ensure that the recreational boater’s voice is heard and advise its more than half-million members of boating-related budget items.


6 comments on “BoatUS criticizes Coast Guard cuts in Trump budget

  1. JamesWilson Capt. USCG retired

    Don’t relent. The reduction is to buy a wall that has no real use. The goal is to shift the load down to the states and they are not geared for it. The need for SAR is there, not only for recreational boating but also storm relief

  2. Captainn Frank Ferris

    The Coast Guard needs their budget cut the last budget included how many new ships, they have been built and paid for auction off the old ships they spend money like it is free to get the same each year. This is stupid accounting audit actual expenses they can stop subbing out the maintenance and teach the sailors a skill the can use when they leave. Stop spending money on law enforcement and do the job you are supposed to be doing The role has grown to be wasteful they fly the planes all over burning up equipment doing border patrol not their job

  3. Boatman

    The boating community didn’t make the mess in the waterways mentioned
    (Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes and Puget Sound). This came from factories making huge profits and dumping their waste into our waterways. These business should be held accountable for the clean up not the Coast Guard.
    The Coast Guard needs to stop wasting money and get their spending inline.

  4. Andy Lindstrom

    Accounting aside, SAR should not be in the budgetary crosshairs. If it is, shame on us. The USCG budget inflated after 9/11 as its role was increased and put under the newly created Department of Homeland Security. How about understating the role vs resources before slashing?

  5. Michael

    Does anyone really believe that the Trump Administration is going to hold businesses accountable for polluting our waters.

  6. Lisa

    Local issues. Coast Guard spending has gone through the roof. Lucrative pay scales, retirement packages, moving their stuff around constantly. Budget 10 years ago was 5.5 bill. How do they get to double that in just 10 years??

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