Imtra supplier gains boat-stabilization system patent

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Marine product importer and manufacturer Imtra said Side-Power was granted a U.S. patent for its Vector Fin stabilization system.

Imtra, Side-Power’s North American distributor, said the curve of Side-Power’s Vector Fin is an evolution of traditional stabilizer fins and increases the efficiency of the system while reducing common side effects.

Side-Power applied for and was granted U.S. patent No. 14/438133.

“By directing the force the fin generates in a more vertical axis, Side-Power Vector Fin Stabilizers reduce the wasted horizontal force that results in the noticeable sway and yaw of flat fins,” Imtra large yacht specialist Phillip Whittaker said in a statement.

“Owners want a boat that is stable, comfortable, performs well and is as fuel-efficient as possible,” Whittaker said. “The Side-Power Vector Fin system is simply the most efficient stabilizer available on the market. The new patent protects the innovation behind this achievement and allows for future development of the technology.”

“The curved fin design allows us to create lift at speed,” said Prentice Weathers of custom product sales at IMTRA. “In most installations, generating lift will allow us to reduce any drag the fins produce. This means the vessel can be as fuel-efficient with stabilizers as the boat would be without them, all without the space, weight and service challenges of gyro-type systems.”


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