NMMA says Trump budget cuts would hurt industry

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President Donald Trump’s first proposed federal budget would reduce spending in several agencies that “have a significant impact on the recreational boating industry,” the National Marine Manufacturers Association said today.

The FY2018 budget, if enacted, would offset a 10 percent increase in defense spending to $603 billion with a 10 percent decrease in non-defense discretionary spending to $462 billion.

The latter figure includes a $1.5 billion decrease for the Department of the Interior, an 11.7 percent cut; a $1 billion cut for the Army Corps of Engineers, which is a 16.3 percent decrease; and a reduction of $2.6 billion for the Environmental Protection Agency, a 31.4 percent cut.

“The NMMA understands the fiscal climate facing our nation and the need for some streamlining of agency programs for efficiencies. We look forward to working with the administration and our members on Capitol Hill to ensure a final budget prioritizes outdoor recreation and the boating economy,” NMMA president Thom Dammrich said in a statement.

“Even in limited fiscal times, prioritizing boating and the outdoors will pay dividends for the American economy,” Dammrich said. “We must invest in our federal lands and waters and ensure recreational access and conservation of our nation’s treasured resources.”

The Interior Department is responsible for managing branches that affect the boating community, including the National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“These departments are integral to providing boating access within the National Park System, promoting fish habitat restoration, and the disbursement of dollars to state agencies through the $600 million Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund,” the NMMA said.

The budget proposal recommends eliminating more than 50 EPA programs and grants. Cuts to the EPA could affect clean water programs throughout the country, monitoring point and non-point pollution sources in fresh and salt water, Great Lakes restoration, the Chesapeake Bay restoration, invasive species and emission levels and standards.

The budget proposal also eliminates a beach monitoring program that monitors water quality and bacterial concentrations and has the authority to close beaches if they adversely affect human health.

The budget proposes increased investment in water infrastructure systems, including $2.3 billion to the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, a $4 million increase, or roughly 2 percent, from 2017 levels. It also would fund the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program at $20 million, level with the amount provided in 2017 through the continuing resolution last December.

The budget proposes to strengthen the International Trade Administration’s trade enforcement and compliance abilities, including related to anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, while “rescaling” its activities related to analyzing trade and promoting exports.

“Reorganizing the ITA and eliminating the U.S. Trade and Development Agency could be problematic for export and development programs NMMA supports, including our partnership with the International Buyers Program,” the NMMA said.

Although the budget blueprint is the administration’s first fiscal proposal, it will face scrutiny on Capitol Hill, where bipartisan support is required for final passage.


25 comments on “NMMA says Trump budget cuts would hurt industry

  1. Marilyn DeMartini

    Let’s remember that the EPA is also the agency that is creating havoc with the ethanol regulations. Perhaps all of those departments cited need to start being more efficient with their government dollars. Eliminating waste is the goal of belt tightening–haven’t we all had to do that in our own budgets?!

  2. rose

    The government is cutting everywhere to reduce our national deficit as we all need to do in these next 4 years because the Democrats have absolutely put the American people at ultimate risk in our military

  3. Craig Coatney

    If the ultimate goals are to reduce waste, improve our economy and get people back to work this will be a big boost to the marine industry, recreational boating and fishing.

  4. Tess S

    The EPA is also the agency that stopped our country’s rivers catching on fire. No one wants to boat, fish or swim in polluted waters.

  5. BILL


  6. Bill Cox

    Wow…Thom Dammrich should think this opportunity through a lot better before calling foul! The entire government could afford a 20% haircut; secondly, the specified agencies are too far up our stovepipes and need to be reined in. This reduction should directly benefit most NMMA interests, maybe all. The indirect benefit is that our clientele, long hamstrung by government interference and regulation, should find their businesses flourishing!

  7. CaptA

    Have fun trying to sell boats when the boats are sitting in water filled with SH-T!

    Looked what happened in Florida last year. The State of Florida decided not to enforce environmental laws. What happened to the boating industry in that area. Now imagine that happening all over the nation when EPA is eliminated–and make not bones about it, EPA is going to be eliminated.

  8. Jon

    “have a significant impact on the recreational boating industry,” says the National Marine Manufacturers Association who puts RVs in to their boat shows.

  9. Carl Moore

    These cuts will only take us back to Obamas budgets a few years ago… This is not slash & burn like the trolls CaptA & the others would let you believe…
    Right On Jon – I’ve tried to get into RV Shows & have been told no way…

  10. Joe

    Where exactly in the Constitution does it give the Federal Government authority to be involved in outdoor recreation and the boating economy?

  11. Dana Russikoff

    President Trump will be minutes away from the West Palm Boat Show this weekend – could be a good opportunity to educate him on our unique US manufacturing industry. I doubt he realizes that 95% of all boats sold in he US are made in the US, or our industry’s global economic impact…it’s our job as an industry to make sure he knows this.

  12. CaptA

    Carl Moore—You are wrong and clearly uneducated. The EPA budget when Obama took office was $10 Billion/year. The last year Obama was in office it was $8 Billion. Trump is proposing an EPA budget of $5.4 Billion. You are just plain wrong and either intentionally making misleading statements or are uneducated. The last time EPA’s budget was $5.4 billion dollars was in 1980.

    Sounds like you are the troll.

  13. Jim R

    I wonder how many of you commenting actually read the article. And if you did, do you think about what you write, or is it just a mindless opportunity to regurgitate fictional talking points from your favorite “news” celebrity?

  14. Capt Lou

    As for our national parks, 20 years ago, with the help of recreational boaters, the Boston Harbor Islands National Park was created. Before it was created, recreational boaters could dock at George’s Island, where most of the park’s events took place and the visiting center is. Today, recreational boaters are banned from docking at the island. The commercial ferry boats have a monopoly there. We were better off without the creation of the national park, so I hope Trump cuts, cuts, and cuts some more.

  15. Carl Moore

    Sorry CaptA just because you say I’m wrong & uneducated(a typical respons from you and Abob) doesn’t make my statement untrue. What do you do in the marine business, I’ld like to meet you…

  16. AnonymousBob


    Hey! AnonymousBob here… Miss me yet?

    If you think CaptA is incorrect, all you have to do is refute his message. He countered yours with numbers, but all you come back with is “you’re a troll”. Man up and come back with something that proves CaptA’s figures wrong. Can you? We’ll wait…

  17. Carl Moore

    Abob you both are trolls and have been for years. I ask you the same question: What do you do in the marine business?? And I offer you the same invitation to meet…. You know I have made the same offer to you for years but you drop out

  18. A Yankee

    I think we should all trust that the NMMA can determine what is in its own best interest.

  19. AnonymousBob


    Quit deflecting and refute CaptA. Odds are, you can’t, but we’d all like to see you try.

    I’ve been in the Marine industry for almost 20 years. You either take my word for it, or you don’t. I really couldn’t care less.

    I have no desire to meet you; interacting with you here is sufficient.

    Now, tell all of us what you do in the industry. Inquiring minds want to know…

  20. Corn Country Realist

    The EPA is a bloated, bureaucratic mess…bigger does not mean better. The whole ethanol debacle is polluting the water with excess fertilizer runoff from the cornfields, and the whole process of producing it wastes extreme amounts of water. Are you telling me they’re in the business of reducing pollution and not catering to special interests? Too much budget, and not enough leash.

  21. Stu

    You people do realize that ethanol is NOT the EPA’s doing. The RFS is law passed by congress. The EPA has actually been helpful in not requiring as much ethanol in the fuel system as was regulated by Congress. Only congress not the EPA can change the amount of ethanol/renewable fuel required in the system.

  22. CaptA

    Stu is quite correct. The ethanol requirement was mandated by Congress in order to help the corn industry out during a difficult economic period. If you don’t like ethanol in your fuel–Call your Congressman and Senators and have the law changed or eliminated. EPA enforces laws that Congress creates and the President signs.

    Carl Moore: I have no desire to meet you as you have nothing substantial to offer me except rants and raves. Counter my arguments with facts and we’ll discuss.

  23. C Moore

    Abob you are the ranter & raver LOL… FYI I’m a boat manufacturer what are you?? Oh I know a Troll….By & By I don’t take the word of a multi personality trool who goes by the names Stu, CaptA or Abob… See you at the next political post

  24. AnonymousBob

    C Moore (you tired of using “Carl”?):

    I am a boat manufacturer, too. Quite successful, actually. I employ a couple hundred wonderful craftspeople, all of whom are multiple times more intelligent than you. They have varied political views, but the most important characteristics they possess, that you don’t, are the ability to understand my vision, work together as a team, and take a long-term view of business and life. Although some do not share my political views, none have come to their views without a lot of thought and introspection. (Do you know what that word means?) I respect them, and applaud them, for having the ability to relay their thoughts and feelings in a cogent manner. That’s why they work for me.

    I enjoy trolling you because your lack of self-restraint teaches me to continue practicing mine. You are proven to be easily triggered and have proven time, and again, that you are one of the dinosaurs holding the industry, and the country, back because of your head-in-the-sand thinking. Seeing you retire will be a blessing for everyone. Post on here when you’re ready to sell so I can buy your business. That’s when we’ll finally meet!

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