Study: Mercury Marine has doubled employment in Wisconsin

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A new study shows that Mercury Marine is one of Wisconsin’s top employers, now employing 3,200 people at its global headquarters in Fond du Lac.

The study was commissioned by the Fond du Lac Economic Development Council and Impact DataSource and it shows that Mercury’s employment in June 2017 is more than double what it was in 2009.

The study said Mercury has a total impact of almost 10,000 jobs in the Fond du Lac community, which means that every job at Mercury creates more than two jobs in the area.

Mercury’s total economic impact in Fond du Lac is close to $4 billion and its impact on retail activity in the region has increased 37 percent since 2009, accounting for more than $186 million in retail sales in the community.

“We always knew how valuable Mercury was to our community, but seeing the numbers from this new study is just amazing,” Fond du Lac Economic Development Council president Steve Jenkins said in a statement. “One company has close to a $4 billion economic impact on our community — that’s incredible.  In 2009, Mercury made a commitment to grow and I’d say they have more than lived up to their commitments.”

Mercury said that since 2009 it has invested more than $800 million in research and development and expansion at its global headquarters; more than 80 percent of the work completed during that growth was done with Wisconsin-based companies. The manufacturer also invested more than $600 million on supplies, services and materials from 2014 to 2016.

In January Mercury opened a new 49,000-square-foot electro-deposition paint primer system expansion. In April the company announced the commissioning of the largest high-pressure die-casting machine in North America.

“We are excited about the future of our company and the growth of the Fond du Lac community,” Mercury Marine president John Pfeifer said.  “Our commitment to this community was not just to expand our manufacturing capacity, but to build for the future. The more we can impact growth in the communities in which we work, the higher quality of life our employees will have outside of work.”


3 comments on “Study: Mercury Marine has doubled employment in Wisconsin

  1. Steve

    Interesting they picked 2009 to compare employment numbers from, the very bottom of the great recession.
    Rather than being a credible economic study, it’s relegated to fluff piece trash bin

  2. Bob

    But they aren’t stating all the small “Mom and Pop shops” that they terminated over that period of time. Which of course has an economic influence in those communities. You would think that if they want to make a strong economic impression everywhere, they would want all dealers, large and small to impact everywhere they are able to sell and/or service Mercury outboards and Mercruisers. I happen to be one of those small dealers that got terminated and many of my customers are upset with that. Some of them will be changing brands of motors.

  3. Wally Day

    There is no question that their marketing strategy has evolved over the past 10-15 years. I would hate to be a dealer anywhere within a 60 mile radius ( or greater) of a Bass Pro Shops or Cabellas store location.

    Their growth is great for central Wisconsin but somehow they have lost touch with those who made them what they are today.

    Having said that, others in the field of outdoor recreation have followed much the same philosophy.

    Let’s just remember that what goes around often comes back around.

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