U.S. approves boat insurance for Cuba travel

Common sense has finally prevailed. Pantaenius, a U.S. marine insurer, said it will offer coverage for American boats traveling in Cuban waters. This eliminates a major barrier to cruising and fishing in Cuba, in my opinion.

Downtown Havana’s Colonial Zone is being meticulously restored with funding from the United Nations’ UNESCO program.

Charter gains license to cruise Cuban waters

The first recreational boat to legally cruise once-forbidden Cuban waters with U.S. citizens aboard could well be a yacht between 60 and 300 feet LOA, chartered through Paul Madden Associates of Palm Beach.


Touches of brilliance

Electronics makers take fingertip control to new heights with dazzling new products and bargain pricing The marine electronics world came to the Miami International Boat Show this year to showcase some truly game-changing technology and value pricing. And judging by the emphasis on new apps, one might think that industry players also had come together…more


GPS users to FCC: Can you hear us now?

Critics deluge agency with appeals to reject LightSquared’s potentially ‘catastrophic’ 4G network The “GPS community” was an obscure notion until it found an enemy — LightSquared. The company is seeking Federal Communications Commission approval to build a 4G broadband communications network. GPS manufacturers and users are horrified and warn that LightSquared’s plan would disrupt navigation…more


‘Uptick’ on the radar, says NMEA leader

David Hayden thinks recovery will begin in 2011, with further electronics sector consolidation The president of the National Marine Electronics Association thinks the end of the marine industry’s worst down cycle is in sight. David Hayden, who three years ago predicted a long recession, says he believes a slow comeback will begin next year. “We’ve…more


Patent fight looms in marine electronics

Honeywell claims multifunction displays from Furuno, Navico and Raymarine infringe on its technology In the midst of one of their worst sales periods ever, three of the major marine electronics companies have been sued by aerospace giant Honeywell, accusing them of patent infringement. The technology in question is far from obscure, and the dispute goes…more

The Five Honeywell patents

TRUE NORTH HEADING ESTIMATOR U.S. Patent: No. 5,617,317, “The 317 Patent” PATENT DATE: April 1, 1997 INVENTOR: Mario B. Ignagni, Arden Hills, Minn. ABRIDGED DESCRIPTION: “Inertial sensor information is combined with GPS information derived from satellite information signals separately received by a pair of GPS antennae and separately processed. This information is processed in a…more


Sea Tow Cuba’s long, long wait may yet pay off

For a time in the 1990s, the U.S. marine industry believed Cuba would soon be opened to American boaters. In 1994, the University of Florida hosted dozens of experts and business leaders for a conference that produced a report with a long title: “The Potential Impact on Florida-Based Marina and Boating Industries of a Post-Embargo…more


Cuban marinas prepare for U.S. cruisers

Hope that the travel ban will soon be lifted fuels infrastructure expansion in Havana and other areas Anticipating the end of the travel ban, Cuban state enterprises responsible for marine infrastructure have begun an unprecedented push to ready the island nation for U.S. boaters. With growing support across America and in Washington, the U.S. House…more

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