The online booking service sells individual spots on fishing boats worldwide, creating a more affordable way for weekend anglers to enjoy private charter sportfishing.

Hooking up

Whether it’s frugality in a new economy or a societal sea change about valuing experiences more than possessions, rentals and fractional ownership start-ups have clearly gained traction in the industry.

A marina employee performs storm water runoff testing in response to a reminder issued by software developed by environmental consultant Ted Sailer

Keeping pace with the EPA

Time-strapped marina executives have lots of software choices to help them manage their operations. Staying compliant with ever-expanding environmental regulations is a whole different challenge.

Study results show there is a 41 percent greater likelihood of a purchase if a potential customer gets engaged in the product.

The rewards of HOSTing

Hands-On Skills Training by Discover Boating, which made its Palm Beach International Boat Show debut this year, is a program born during the recent recession that is evolving into an effective post-downturn sales tool.

Capt. Joseph Frohnhoefer Jr. founded Sea Tow Services International in 1983. Sea Tow now has 600 U.S. and international franchises. Its distinctive yellow boats are ubiquitous on heavily used waterways.

He left his mark in indelible yellow

He was an entrepreneur armed with perfect timing, a relentless work ethic and a good Samaritan spirit, who created a new industry: professional non-emergency marine assistance.

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