HULL OF A TOUR: Kinship and camaraderie at Rolling Thunder

ON THE AMTRAK AUTO TRAIN FROM LORTON, VA., TO SANFORD, FLA. — My post last Friday from Gettysburg, Pa., covered a marvelous afternoon and evening with my former teacher and Civil War aficionado Richard Mancini for a personal tour of the historic battlegrounds.

HULL OF A TOUR: Flying high in Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Day Six of The Freedom Ride can only be described as … awesome. Honestly, I did my very best to drum up another word, but nothing else sufficed. Also, it’s the one word I heard repeated and rolling off the tongues of our riders multiple times throughout the day. I uttered the…more

HULL OF A TOUR: 108 degrees in the California desert

After days of traveling the blessed back roads, we were excited about high-rolling it on Saturday to the bright city lights of Las Vegas. Our group split into two camps for the day. Both left from Williams, Ariz., with one headed to the heart of Sedona and then to the Hoover Dam while the other…more

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