‘Vacation on Demand’ is a winning theme

In what might be the best theme yet to lead the industry’s national Discover Boating campaign this year, “Vacation on Demand” will really “sell” what boating is all about. Moreover, it’s a theme that every dealer can identify with, adapt and capitalize on. Introduced to the industry this week, the “Vacation on Demand” commercial is […]

Cuban announcement could impact boating

President Trump will head for Miami Friday where he’s expected to roll back some of the Obama administration’s initiatives to improve relations with Cuba, apparently siding with those who oppose détente and putting aside calls from U.S. businesses that see Cuba as a lucrative future market. Aside from impacting any potential business for our industry, […]

Boost your dealership’s reputation

I recently had the opportunity to observe the making of an exciting new video that will soon be added to our industry’s national Discover Boating campaign. Watching the Discover Boating team construct the video’s storyline reminded me that the key to boosting the reputation of a marine dealership isn’t telling people how good you are […]

Future talk: kids in boating and red snapper

Today we recognize two organizations — the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association and Keep Florida Fishing — for reaching out to support boating’s future, and seek a much-needed change in fishery management that has shortchanged recreational anglers. First, the MMTA declared Saturday, June 10, as “Massachusetts KIDS Boating Day.” There will be at least four major […]

Selling summertime on the water

Dealers don’t sell boats. They provide vessels for great experiences. So while all dealers do this all year around, it’s fitting to recognize that this week (June 3-11) is National Boating and Fishing Week with and a chance to call special attention to the good times our industry generates. National Boating and Fishing Week is […]

Make your email work for you

Every day I go to my email and I realize I’m on a lot of lists. I admit I subscribe to many marine-related and general-business websites and newsletters. A lot from dealers. But when I see each day’s incoming email list, the real question is: How many will I open versus those sent unread to […]

A few paraprosdokians to start summer

I’m supposed to respect my elders . . . but now it’s getting harder for me to find one. Yes, I’m in a fun mood. For the 40 years we boated on the Great Lakes, every Memorial Holiday weekend was our start to summer with our first weekend cruise. It was exciting then and there’s […]

The coming battle for federal bucks

President Trump this week sent his 2018 fiscal-year budget to Congress. As fast as it came to life, it’s gotten panned by Democrats and Republicans alike. And, while it’s loaded with a new wave of spending cuts, it really means nothing. That’s because the budget is established by Congress, not the administration. Still, a lot […]

‘Ohio Goes Boating’ in a first-of-its-kind declaration

In what is believed to be the first state to permanently declare a boating month, Ohio’s marine industry and boating communities are celebrating the official designation of June as “Ohio Goes Boating Month.” It’s the result of determined efforts by the Boating Associations of Ohio, along with partners Government Advantage Group, to see legislation passed […]

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