Establishing a customer-centric culture

You’ve made a genuine effort to clearly define a customer-centric culture in your dealership and introduced it at a special all-team presentation. But they just don’t seem to get it and the truth is you were bound to fail. So says authors Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson who are considered the foremost experts on the […]

Loyalty or profits: what’s more important?

Dealership profitability or customer loyalty: which is more important? Also, major changes announced by states surrounding Lake Michigan are an example of the double-edged sword that invasive species can be to fisheries. First, the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo 2016, slated for Dec. 5-8 in Orlando, keeps adding on-point sessions for marine dealers such as: […]

Are ‘smart’ drugs used at your dealership?

I must be living in a vacuum. I thought performance-enhancing drugs were mostly for the Russian Olympics team. I’ve never thought about them in the context of our colleges … or boat dealerships? That is, not until I recently caught a TV report that revealed the extensive use of “smart drugs” on today’s college campuses. […]

Are student loans a problem for our industry?

There’s more than one reason that boating is struggling to attract millennials, but the problem of student loans is high on the list. Is it a crisis? Yes. Millenials were born from the early 1980s to the late 1990s and the age range is now 20 to 36. There are 75.3 million millennials and no […]

Overtime rule draws legislation and lawsuits

It’s just eight weeks and counting down until dealerships will have few choices when the new overtime rules proposed by the Obama administration go into effect on Dec. 1. Businesses will have to raise employees’ salaries above the current salary threshold of $23,360 to the new level of $47,476 to keep them exempt from overtime […]

IBEX opens on wave of good economic news

The opening of the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference this morning in Tampa was surrounded by good economic news and an anticipation of large show crowds. In his “State of the Industry” address at the opening breakfast, NMMA president Thom Dammrich fired up the packed house when he declared: “These are good times for boating.” […]

How to win first-time buyers

We need more first-time buyers. Is there anyone in our industry that disagrees with me on that? But let’s be clear: to get them will require an understanding of who they are and how they roll. It’s in that context that the announcement of a special session about first-timers at next week’s International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition […]

MIASF leads in giving back

Last weekend I joined others from my church to paint a house as part of CareFest USA, a community service day that unites businesses, churches and community organizations with hundreds of volunteers to beautify and repair homes and beautify neighborhoods. The projects are identified and screened through local agencies. But it reminds me that dealerships […]

‘Take Me Fishing’ is vital for dealers

If you sell fishing boats of any size and style and you’ve never taken time to look over, you haven’t seen one of the most comprehensive consumer campaigns that directly supports our industry and offers dealers great content. The Take Me Fishing website (also in Spanish at was created by the Recreational Boating […]

The man who sold hot dogs

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty tired of TV reporters and presidential candidates trying to convince us the economy offers us less opportunity than a Somalian smuggler. And, while we’re at it, let’s hear it for those so-called economists (cough, cough) that claim the economy could tank at any minute. Of course, […]

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