Cybersecurity can be a dealer’s problem

I’m not suggesting that Russian president Vladimir Putin will order someone to hack into your computers, but the current media feeding frenzy over hacking brings into focus the fact that cybersecurity is a real risk for small businesses, including boat dealerships. So said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in a recent warning about such […]

Hope ahead for the business of boating

If the opening weekend for the Houston International Boat Show is any indicator, the winter shows are going to see robust business. Meanwhile, there’s speculation that changes coming at the Environmental Protection Agency could have a positive impact on the ethanol debacle that’s hounded America’s boaters for years. First, the Houston International Boat Show racked […]

Don’t let your boat show layout get stale

After having produced more than 125 boat shows during my career, it should be no surprise I’m never far from the subject. With our important winter show circuit starting Friday in Houston and Denver, today I can’t help but focus on some thoughts for the show management staff.   First, a few years ago the […]

Economic news should boost boat shows

A rising tide lifts all ships and the economic news surrounding the opening of the industry’s winter boat shows is the best in a decade. The first big test comes when the Houston Boat Show opens Friday for its 10-day run. According to Ken Lovell, show president and recent recipient of the prestigious Bill Ferguson […]

Some twisted carols and hopes ahead

Oh EPA, Oh EPA Oh EPA, Oh EPA, it’s time to end the fooling You’ve had your day, it’s go away, you’re ’bout to get retooling! No more shall you see overreach, ignore what’s best and blindly preach, Oh EPA, Oh EPA, the changes have us drooling!   Do You Hear What I Say Said […]

Discover Boating gets it right

Here’s an early Christmas present to open. As you do, you’ll learn that boaters are leaving faster than we can replace them. Fifty-four percent of first-time boat buyers in 2005 have bailed out. Between 2000 and 2015, first-time new-boat buyers dropped from 175,000 to 69,000. To all my marine dealer readers, I’m sorry to be […]

Employee performance depends on leadership

At last week’s Marine Dealer Conference & Expo, the need to address the lack of a trained technical workforce for now and the future was a prime topic. Clearly that’s become a critical need. But that discussion reminded me of an Ohio dealer who once shared his frustration with getting all of his employees to […]

Environmental legislation we can agree on

I like to write about something Congress does that we can applaud, although it happens about as often as Colin Kaepernick is named “Patriot of the Year” by the local VFW. However, sometime this week President Obama is expected to sign the Water Resources Development Act of 2016, legislation that holds some provisions that can […]

Action list heads to MRAA for issue advocacy

The Advisory Council of Marine Associations will be sending a list of issues and actions to the board of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas as a result of a meeting held Tuesday in Orlando, Fla. The combined in-person and call-in meeting included state and local marine association leaders from around the country. The […]

Reasons to give thanks for the holidays

As an avid boater and angler, I’m a conservationist and an environmentalist, albeit not one of those raving activists that are more unconnected from reality than Willy Wonka in a chocolate factory. Still, I am one to applaud the good news of actions that can legitimately protect our oceans and waterways. Such is the case […]

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