When the customer hears “I’m sorry” too much

I had to call my bank the other day to resolve a problem I thought would be quick and easy. When I finally got a human, my expectations for fast resolution started downhill. I’m convinced the lady on the other end must have had a sign glued to her computer screen that told her to: […]

What’s the value of our waterways?

Many cities and counties along the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida are having a good time deciding how to spend the money they’re receiving in settlements from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of 2010. To read about the fights our so-called public servants get into over how to spend this money makes […]

It’s never too early to think about hurricanes

I get it. You’re thinking: “Norm lives in Florida. It’s called the Sunshine State, except during hurricane season when it’s better called the Plywood State. So he’s become paranoid about hurricanes.” Paranoid? No. Aware it’s hurricane season? Yes. Having a good plan in advance to deal with one? Smart. And that brings me to the […]

Boat shows are still the dominant marketing platform

“There is no way we could have talked to so many people without being here,” said Rod Bensz, director of sales and owner of B&E Marine, while winding down his exhibit at last weekend’s Progressive Chicagoland In-Water Boat Show. He captured the importance boat shows play in every dealer’s marketing plan. The Chicagoland event was […]

Overcoming the cry of ‘your price is too high’

As you read this, salespeople on the docks for today’s opening of the Progressive Chicagoland In-Water Boat Show are likely grappling with this very issue. Let’s face it: we’re not an industry that builds cheap boats. So what’s a salesperson to do? I’m reminded of John R. Graham, an author and speaker I hired several […]

In-water fall shows open in Great Lakes region

A new brand and major upgrades will be the highlights when the Progressive Chicagoland In-Water Boat Show at Michigan City opens for four days this Thursday, starting off the fall in-water show circuit. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the last show at St. Petersburg (Fla.) in December, there will be nearly two dozen […]

Salary questions will be barred in Massachusetts

If you’re a dealer in Massachusetts, you now have new restrictions on your ability to make employee compensation decisions. Simply, you can no longer ask a prospective employee about their salary at their current or previous jobs. Massachusetts has become the first state to bar employers from asking about an applicant’s salaries before offering them […]

Florida takes first strike at algae problem

Florida has taken the lead in assisting local businesses impacted by the presence of blue-green algal blooms in local waterways. In the Sunshine State, Gov. Rick Scott has activated Florida’s Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program for businesses affected by the growing problems of algal blooms in local waterways. It’s believed to be the first […]

Dealer conference will tackle complexity of marketing

The 2016 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo added a key session on marketing to its growing educational offerings. Meanwhile, the serious national problem of algae blooms in our waterways continues to get worse. First, the latest addition to the MDCE schedule will deal with marketing, but it won’t be your grandfather’s old discussion of the […]

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