Nothing beats face-to-face contact

Technology (email and texting) has taken the place of face-to-face contact, the swipe fees war isn’t over and newly proposed underground storage tank rules will impact dealers and marinas with fueling systems. Want to be a successful dealer? Get out of the store and visit the front lines where the customers are. That’s what good […]

The great escape and updates to endangered-species law

Kiss goodbye to the eight-hour workday and watch for proposed changes to the often-overreaching Endangered Species Act. Both have an impact on boating. As a marine dealer, it’s likely not news when you read that your workday doesn’t end when you leave the store. You’re not alone. Apparently some 63 percent of 1,078 full-time workers […]

More ethanol? Act now to stop it

BoatUS couldn’t have said it better than in an email to members: “EPA Wants to Know How Much Corn You Want in Your Boat’s Gas Tank?” It’s not a joke. Unless boaters and the industry respond in a huge way by Monday, we’re going to be living with higher concentrations of corn ethanol. That’s the […]

Ray Underwood receives Lifetime Achievement Award

“Schultzy, if you wanna do some good lobbying, do it with a can of worms,” Ray Underwood told me years ago. Last week, Underwood became the first recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award, created in his honor by the Michigan Boating Industries Association, and it couldn’t be more fitting. I met Underwood when he took […]

MTAs always give members a good ROI

It’s often things that marine trades associations make certain don’t happen that members overlook when evaluating their membership’s return on investment. And MTAs often fail to adequately make known what they stopped. A good case in point: the Boating Associations of Ohio. BAO actually scored a hat trick and more as it worked to make […]

Gas prices down, microbeads out and carp killed

What do lower gas prices, eliminating microbeads and holding carp at bay have in common? They’re all good for boating. First, consumers have saved $65 billion in the first six months of this year compared to the same time last year thanks to lower gas prices, according to AAA. This equates to an average savings […]

Ban lead tackle? More California dreamin’

A push to “get the lead out” in California will negatively impact conservation there, while the San Diego International Boat Show is set to have a positive impact on the Southern California marketplace. How do I put this so as not to offend the sensibilities of some in the State of California? Will you people […]

A subject line can draw you in or turn you off

Email remains a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool for marine dealers, assuming the recipient doesn’t hit the delete button first, of course. So, regardless of how great the offer might be inside, success or failure starts on the critical subject line. On average, inboxes can be filled with up to 150 email messages each day. They […]

RBFF boosts fishing prospects in three states

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, the group that developed the award-winning “Take Me Fishing” and “Vamos A Pescar” campaigns, continues to create innovative programs aimed at bringing more participants into recreational boating and fishing. Last week, the RBFF introduced its latest campaign and named the first three recipients of the new State Innovative R3 […]

What happens when you meet expectations? Nothing

We must all understand that only exceeding expectations is memorable and the top ingredient in customer service is always “helping” people. In fact, if you’re not exceeding expectations, someone else likely is. So what leads me to write about this today? A ship’s crewmember and some airport employees. I was recently aboard Royal Caribbean’s “Freedom […]

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