Battles continue over swipe fees and highway funds

It’s one of those good-news, bad-news day. On the plus side, swipe fees have surfaced again, renewing the battle for retailers, while the U.S. House of Representatives votes to drain the Highway Trust Fund. A new class action suit was recently filed against Visa and MasterCard by a group of retail merchants that include such […]

Inspiration and funding can boost boating pleasures

The Discover Boating campaign has launched another excellent “Stories of Discovery” video, while grants topping $16 million are headed out under the Clean Vessel Act. The industry’s Discover Boating national campaign continues to grow with the release this week of the newest video in the “Stories of Discovery” series. And you can’t help but love […]

Can we sell boats to singles?

Are we now a nation of singletons? Well, if you are an American, odds are that you’re single and you’re in the majority. I flew to Cleveland last weekend for the wedding of a good friend’s son. I never thought of it during the ceremony, but I realized while web-surfing at 36,000 feet (isn’t Wi-Fi […]

These issues should top ABC agenda

The marine industry and its many partners are in Washington, D.C., this week for the American Boating Congress. They’re telling lawmakers about the the importance of the nation’s recreational boating industry and its overall $121 billion annual economic impact, 35,000 small businesses and the 650,000 jobs it impacts. There are many issues on the agenda, […]

Fishing management decision is grossly unfair

The more recreational anglers there are, the more that will fish from boats resulting in more fishing-boat sales for dealers. It’s a given and we must vigorously oppose any decision that fails to treat recreational fishermen equitably. So forgive me if I vent about the latest slap in the face for America’s saltwater anglers. I’m […]

All signs are go for a great boating summer

Reports from Ohio and Maryland confirm that it continues to be a good year for boat shows and it signals a summer when boaters will be putting in more hours on the water as gas prices remain relatively low. The Progressive Catawba Island Boat Show in Ohio ended Sunday with what dealers are calling the […]

Electrifying news in boating’s future

I was fascinated this week by an article in Flying magazine announcing that Siemens unveiled a 260-kW electric aircraft motor. It got me thinking about electric boats. If it hasn’t been before, it appears now that electric-powered flight is a serious consideration. Siemens researchers in Germany claim they have achieved a technological breakthrough with a […]

Cost of new overtime rules will be high

Here’s an idea: since Congress has refused to raise the minimum wage, let’s run an end around by changing the rules regarding who qualifies for overtime pay. It’s the latest philosophy coming out of the White House, a move that will ensure the U.S. can fly a regulation-nation banner. The Obama administration is drafting new […]

Two taxing situations in Ohio and New York

Ohio dealers are in a heated battle to prevent tax increases, while dealers in New York are fighting to keep a new tax policy. In both cases, it’s a full-court press. If Ohio lawmakers grant Gov. John Kasich’s budget request, it will be a triple tax whammy for boat dealers. First, Kasich’s budget would chop […]

Door is about to close forever on BP oil spill claims

After BP’s Deepwater Horizon platform exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico five years ago, more than 200 million gallons of crude flowed into the waters for 87 agonizing days. It was the worst spill in history. And, although it was years ago, scientists still see ongoing damage in the five Gulf states (Florida, […]

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