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General Information about this module

Centralpoint represents a Three-Tier portal allowing you to manage various perspectives of the centralized content. Audience Type would represent Tier Two, within the Three Tier environment. Audience Types can, in turn, host their own individual Sites which can live beneath them…providing a complete Three-Tier environment.

The Audience Type module allows you to segment your main website by Audience Types.  These are sometimes referred to by our clients as portlets, channels and/or micro-sites. Audience Types would be used whenever your content needs to be served to a unquie audience type. (example: Vendors, Employees, Clients, or where you may need to filter content by a particular type.

Typically, Audience Types are defined and created before a site goes live. This doesn’t mean, however that they cannot be added later. Many clients introduce new audience types well after launch, when they find that they would like to begin segmenting their information. In this instance, records that were submitted prior to the audience type being created, may need to be re-submitted to ensure that they are filtering to the appropriate audience types within the portal or site.

Audience Types can each have their own unique identity (stylesheets, color schema(s), and images). Audience Type can also have their own unique navigation, site modules, and Audience Administrators. Typically we will see audience types being used within larger organizations, in which an individual (Editor, Regional Manager, etc.) may be empowered to govern content for a large group of similar users (Sites).

New Audience types can easily be created within the Site Wizard module found within Sites/Administrators. If you do not have access to Site Wizard, please contact your oxcyon support representative to have them either activate it, or create a new Audience Type for you.

New Audience Types added to your site, will automatically update all of your MODULES within the main site. Centralpoint to allow you to select which audience type you would like a particular record to go to, giving you centralized control over a multitude of different audience types and sites living within them.

Tips and Tricks:

1.)     There are a variety of Site Properties found within the Admin section that allow for certain preferences to be managed for any Audience Type. (See Below).

2.)     Audience Types can be publicly or privately created. An audience type does not need to be seen from the public view of the site, and only made available to users upon their log in.

3.)     All Audience Types created within the site can be easily found and referenced within Admin/Reference URLs.

4.)     Audience Types can represent stand alone sites, living under their own unique URL/IP. 

5.)     There are no limits to the number of Audience Types available for any site.

6.)     Audience Types (and Sites beneath them) must all share the centralized taxonomy for the site. If unique taxonomy is required for any additional Audience Type

7.)     Audience Types can relate to specific territories, so that you can generate easy search tools for Audience Types by region. This is managed by a taxonomy list which can be changed to meet your segmentation/territory naming convention.

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1.)     If a new Audience Type is created and does not display in the drop down list on the main site, please check that:

a.       Site Design for this audience type has selected colors

b.       Site Images for this audience type has selected images

c.       Set Homepage Stylesheet to HTML, to ensure a record dependency hasnt created the error

d.      If you are still having trouble, contact your Oxcyon Support Representative.

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Centralpoint and Oxcyon are registered trademarks of Oxcyon, Inc.


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