Content Editors (Creating, Editing and workflow)

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Information about Content Editors

This module is designed to allow content submitted by your remote Administrators to be reviewed by others within your organization. Whether this is an editorial review, legal or compliance review, this module allows others to see and approve content before it sent to the site.

This module allows you to specifiy who is responsible for editing content submitted by a Site Administrator (Only those who are subject to Editorial Review). This does not need to be an internal resource and may be anyone (Legal, Language Translator, etc., Compliance, etc.)

First off, it is assumed that the content editor needs to be created before we assign that editor to an Administrator. To do this, simply to to Sites/Administrators and select the appropriate category.

To recap, you have two different types of Content Contributor: Audience Admins, and Site Admins (Under Sites/Administrators). Each of these individuals can be set to 1.) No Review (allowing them to post content freely to their site), 2.) Review (subjecting everything they submit to be reviewed by others) or 3.) Content Editor (the user in charge of reviewing others submissions.) If you wish to establish someone as a Content Editor, you will want to simply select 3.) Content Editor.

Once you have established someone as a Content Editor, you can then go into any record of any Content Contributor (Audience Admin or Site Admin) and assign 2.) Review, and then select from the drop down list of names, the appropriate editors to review their content. This process will complete the “Connecting the Dots”


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