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More Information on LDAP and Active Directory

This Administrative module would only apply, if this portal is being used for an internal initiative, such as an Internet, or extranet. This module would ONLY be used in the event Centralpoint is being hosted locally (at your facilities and/or on your network connection).

The purpose of this module is to allow you to provide “Single Sign On” privledges to your log-in members. This would allow your members to use the same username or password provided by your internal network administrator on the website. This module would be considered more technical than others, and would want to be shared with your internal network administrator.

If this initiative is not considered “Internal”, or require single sign on privledges, it can simply be ignored, and will not disrupt the security of your website. If it is not being used, and you would like to have it deactivated from your Client Console menu, please contact your Oxcyon administrator. 

his module allows integration with existing LDAP and Active Directory Security schemas. If a record is added here, you will need to go to:Site Preferences, and then select the option for “LDAP/AD”. The Ads Path will represent the primary path for LDAP or AD, and the containers, would represent the various user groups that you would like to give access to certain privledged information. By activating this module, users from your LDAP/Containers, will be able to login for (Private content (Access Level) by using their existing username/password assigned to them by your network security.


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