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General Information about this module

Centralpoint represents a Three-Tier portal allowing you to manage various perspectives of the centralized content. Each Site or Audience Type within the enteprise/portal offers its own distinctive Site Information.

Site Information allows each site or audience type to manage its own:

1.) Basic Site Contact Information: (City, State, Webmaster, etc.)
2.) Legal Terms and Privacy Policy
3.) Meta tags and Meta Keywords relative to the site. (Any meta tags or keywords placed in this module will allow all site pages within that site to be stamped with these meta keywords, to increase their ranking on major portals.)
4.) Site Logo. This logo is the logo found on the Client Console login page for this site, as well as the logo found in the Client Console itself (bottom left side of the screen). In this way, each site can have its own privately labeled log in page, and console to set it apart from the rest.)

To apply Site Information, simply go to Sites/Administrators–Site Information, and go to the record established for the Audience Type or Site. Once there, simply enter the appropriate information for the site.

The links for Legal Terms, Privacy Policy and general contact information will then be found on the footer of every page served within that particular site. (See Screenshot below)




Related and/or Dependent Modules/Records for this module:

      -Audience Types


1.)     You will want to make sure that the Site Information record corresponds with the individual Site or Audience Type. To do this, simply go to the record of your site or audience type, and check the Site Information drop down list at the bottom of the form

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