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Information about Site Modules

This module allows to you select particular modules to be used within the enterprise, and the Sites, and Access Level, which will have access to them. This module is administrative in nature, and ultimately determines what content management modules are available to the sites within your enterprise. This list can be modified by the System Administrator, and any new module provided to you by Oxcyon would be updated here. Within this module, you can re-name a content management type, and even effect where it lives within the Site Navigation.

Some notes on this module:

1.) Alternative Module Name allows you to call the module something different than the module name.
2.) As there are many style-sheets available for this module, you will want to Click Here to see what the available Module Types are for this module.
3.) Once you have assigned this module to a particular Site, you will then have the option to select a Site Administrator to manage content within this module.
NOTE: It is possible to add a module to a site, WITHOUT giving Site Admins control over its content.

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